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It's Lights, Camera...Then What?

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

So, you're courageously showing up on Zoom and letting yourself be seen. Right on! Now, it's Lights... Camera...Action... Your camera is rolling, you've got the lighting right, your background is sleek and attractive, your face is shining close up and centered. Now what?

How do you let your light shine, get results, and deliver with your full pizzazz - to wow your audience and inspire engagement minus the benefits of eye contact and body language that would naturally keep things lively in person?

Just follow these 4 best practice tips for your next cyberspace meeting and you'll gain trust, credibility and have a whole lot more fun too. Guaranteed!

1. Get Social - Make it as close as you can to shaking hands and offering greeting hugs. Be welcoming, ask questions, invite and inspire others on the call to engage with you. By building a sense of community and connection early in the call, participants will want to stay and be a part of things.

2. Use Expressive Body Language - Turn on some stage presence by using your hands while you speak, and be sure your hands are in view of the camera. After all, body language is known to speak way louder than words.

3. Vocal Tone & Enthusiasm - Let the cadence of your voice show your enthusiasm for what you have to say. Show interest and excitement with your voice, and break it up with captivating pauses when you're wanting to make a point. These pauses are powerful. Use the pause to create a space for others to engage as well.

4. Encourage Participation. This may be in the form of breakout rooms, Q & A or simply inviting input from others.

Have fun with it -:) Taking your online presence to the next level is a great step for your professional advancement, plus you'll be making an important contribution to uplift and inspire others in an aching world.

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