Speak to Influence Corporate Training

"In teamwork, silence isn’t golden, it’s deadly."

 - Mark Sanborn

If you have members of your team afraid to share their ideas, voice their concerns, or ask important questions, then you aren’t able to harness their gifts, strengths, and unique abilities to build your brand and elevate your company’s impact.


However, when everyone feels confident enough to take a seat at the table and lean into the conversation - you’re able to amplify your effectiveness and grow in exponential ways.


Yes You Can Speak is here to empower and equip your team to speak with clarity, confidence, and impact...which means you can innovate and implement effectively and powerfully.


We provide highly effective, interactive, customized training that promotes incredible levels of team bonding, for small groups within the company or for your entire team as a whole.


We will help every member of your organization find their voice, learn how to use it effectively, and step into their leadership strengths, so they consistently add value and drive your mission forward. Even the introverts. 

We’ve had the privilege to serve the teams and executives of these renowned corporations. 

Join the ranks of these powerplay companies.




Supercharge the voices of your team - your greatest asset.

Comments from a recent corporate visit about our out-of-the-box trainings 

I became a better speaker in just a couple of hours

Enlightening and energizing    

I really learned how to make genuine connections to my audience 

Very good! Come back again soon!       

Eye-opening and fantastic!         

Good use of time, important topic, great choice!

Much more relatable than any speaking class 





Positive and fun!                                  


Teach Me How to Become a Confident Speaker Please!

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