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Together, we’ll identify and clear out your old defense mechanisms to eliminate your fear of public speaking and social anxiety for good.

No other public speaking program does this.

Four Private 90-minute Coaching Calls Over 4 Weeks

Our students describe CORE Repatterning as being "Relieved of a burden that was holding me back, and now I feel free." 

Woman Finding Her Center to Release Fear and Stress

What Is CORE Repatterning?

CORE Repatterning is Lynn Kirkham’s signature, somatic-based process. You and your practitioner will identify and permanently eliminate, one by one, the root causes of your anxiety about speaking on stage, at work, socially, and with friends and family.

For most people, the habitual fear of speaking up is rooted in trauma-influenced anxiety from the past, that they may not even remember or realize is connected to the fear of speaking.

If you were hurt in the past, your natural response may have been fight/flight/freeze or fawn. However, if these old wounds or emotions are triggered today, responding in the same way, could cause you to shut down or lose confidence. The CORE Repatterning process can help you neutralize the negative impact of these memories on your brain and body. This process is done systematically for each event and dissolves the emotions quickly.

What You Will Learn During the CORE Repatterning Process
  • What the root causes are of why you shut yourself down during important moments

  • How your brain instinctively protected you in past situations when speaking your truth didn’t feel safe

  • How to access stored memories in your body, and exactly how to clear them out

  • How to clear out unprocessed emotions going forward, so that when stressful situations arise in the future you’ll be able to neutralize them. 

  • How to use an easy meditation technique for disconnecting from stressful situations.

Lynn Kirkham Teaching a Public Speaking Student
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How It Works

You’ll receive four private, confidential CORE Repatterning sessions via Zoom video conference. Your first session will be 90 minutes to two hours long, and you’ll identify the root causes of why you struggle with communication. 

Your next three sessions are 90 minutes each, during which you will be guided to release the emotional charge related to past painful or traumatic events. Typically, these experiences are why you feel afraid of being in the spotlight, either personally or professionally. Until those events are physically and emotionally processed out and neutralized, you will likely continue to repeat the same fears or circumstances with other people and situations time and time again.

The CORE Repatterning process is customized to you. Because even though public speaking fears are universal, it's your specific life experiences that get you shaking in your boots in front of authority figures or groups. 

Our process helps you to both identify and release the charge that creates nervous tension and other self-sabotaging behaviors that have prevented you from speaking or relating well with others. It’s a quick and effective experience that will leave you feeling increasingly aligned and positive after each session.

CORE Repatterning is a quick, easy, and freeing process that takes just four sessions for most people. Your individual triggers, which are at the root of your deep fear of speaking, will be gone. We promise.
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Hear one of our CORE practitioners, Sarah Cruse, describe how revolutionary CORE Repatterning is at releasing trauma or stuck emotions that have been holding you back.
Step Into Your Pure Potential and Be Who You’re Meant to Be in the World

CORE Repatterning enables you to release the trapped emotions linked to challenging experiences you had with others, leaving behind only your genuine self.

This new state of mind allows you to be open, receptive, and honest at work, at home, socially, and on stage. It will determine how people will see you and what results you’ll get when you speak.

Our Core Repatterning process helps you identify the root cause of anything that negatively affects your presence, and then we eliminate it permanently. This process can significantly transform your life.

Lynn Kirkham Marrying A Couple
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take the first step by registering for CORE Repatterning.

We look forward to connecting with you!

Students Celebrating after a Public Speaking Live Class
Hear what Yes You Can Speak founder, Lynn Kirkham, has discovered in 30 years of transformational work and how she created the Core Repatterning technique to help people change the way they show up in the world.
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~ Mimi Swenson- CORE Repatterning Gradute of Yes You Can Speak- Public Speaking Program

“After going through the CORE Repatterning process, I’m sticking up for myself and using my voice. It’s so FREEING. My family has noticed it. My husband even called Lynn to thank her for the profound changes he saw in me. It’s been so healing. I’m no longer living under a rock or feeling depressed —I’m willing to take so many more risks. I finally feel happy!”

~ Mimi Swenson

A few common questions we get from people looking to join.
Fear of Public Speaking
Authentic Leadership

Most speaking programs have an outside-in approach, which will never permanently shift the fear response in your brain. On the other hand, the Yes You Can Speak method is an inside-out approach, which uncovers and releases triggering past experiences, limiting beliefs and behaviors that sabotage you. We then help you to reprogram your nervous system so that being in the spotlight and speaking well becomes second nature.

CORE Repatterning for Public Speaking
Speak with Confidence

What can I expect by completing the Inspired Speaker Program?

You will see yourself in a much bigger context than the box you may be experiencing now - without the insecurities and self-doubt that have held you back.

And the truth is, once you feel safe to be seen and heard, you can move forward with a greater sense of self-expression, and your words will flow with power and ease.


When you speak in the Yes You Can Speak trainings, you will receive reflections from the group that reveal the biggest, brightest parts of you that you could not have seen in yourself. This positive support ignites your true potential so you can step into possibilities and opportunities far beyond what you experienced in the past.

Public Speaking Program
Overcome fear of public speaking

Over the past 15 years, we've worked with over 4,500 individuals, employing a strategic step-by-step system that uses neuroscience to release the patterns in your brain that cause stage fright.

Together, we identify the root cause of what is creating your fear and release it once and for all. This is through our signature 3-part program, weaving both group and individual training sessions to assure a complete transformation. We have a 98 percent success rate.

Reprogram your Nervous System
Four 90 minute sessions to rewire your brain

Yes, our results have a 100% money-back guarantee for those who complete all three parts of the Inspired Speaker Program.


Over the past 15 years, we've worked with over 4,500 individuals and have a 98% success rate, so if you're not completely satisfied, we will refund every penny of your investment.

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