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Stand In The Awe Of The Changemaker You Become

Are you ready to deliver a message that will fuel your soul and ignite your audience?

This program will elevate your business, mission, and leadership.
We'll help you design and deliver the talk that you are meant to share with the World.

Powerful Woman Giving a TED Talk

Be the hero of your own story and speak so others follow:

  • Your TEDx talk

  • Your keynote talk at a conference

  • Your signature talk as an entrepreneur or founder 

  • Your VC investor pitch presentation

When you stand grounded

in the power of your commitment and share your unshakable presence with an audience, you will move mountains. Imagine the benefit you can give to the world when your message is 100% true to you and your mission, while whole-heartedly sharing your vision and plan to a captivated crowd.

You have something to say ~

and now ~ more than ever, the world needs to hear it. Just think of the impact you could create when you heal old wounds, step up to share your unique voice, and say it all with complete certainty, connection, and commitment.

Woman Giving a Speech Getting a Round of Appaulse

What mountains could you move if you had full faith in your ability to make a difference?

Speaking at a Seminar

​First, you’ll build a solid foundation, with the principles and skills in the three-month Inspired Speaker Program:

CORE Repatterning - Eliminate Your Fear

Level I - Speak Like a Pro

Level II - Lead Like a Pro

Then you’ll craft your unique message and your talk with Lynn Kirkham.

You’ll work with Lynn to develop your changemaker idea, captivating stories to engage your audience, an inspired call to action, and the best way to weave it all together to ensure you move your audience. 


You’ll refine your vision and create a powerful messaging framework that will crystalize your personal brand and make it easy to use again and again. You’ll easily use this newfound expression in conversations and talks long after your big event.


The phenomenal support during the Inspired Speaker Program combined with our signature one-on-one coaching will prepare you to speak from your whole heart, as you light-up the stage and shine.

Man Speaking at a Banquet
Aliki Helman Public Speaking Coach
You can deliver a life-changing presentation!

With the right skillset and mindset you’ll not only be able to move your audience with your compelling narrative, you’ll also make a lasting impact in the hearts and minds of those you are meant to touch. 


There’s magic in mastering a signature talk because it will elevate and amplify your brand while providing a foundation for all other speaking engagements. Imagine the impact you’ll have when your message is delivered with unwavering clarity and flowing naturally with ease.


Lighting up the stage with an unforgettable presence requires a deep belief in yourself and your ideas. We’ll get you there, we promise. Your signature talk will create immense value for your vision and career, leading to new recognition and new levels of success. 

What sets great employees, executives, and entrepreneurs apart is their ability to positively influence people and stand out in the crowd.

The Mastery Program includes:
  • The complete Inspired Speaker Program (3 months) 

  • One-on-one coaching to create and deliver your talk (5 months ~ Including ten bi-weekly, customized coaching sessions)

  • Unlimited email, text, and phone support along the way

  • A super-supportive community to cheer you on and help you to believe in yourself and your message

Women Praising Eachother
Man receiving praises at seminar
After graduating from the Mastery Program, students go on to:
  • Publish a book

  • Land paid speaking gigs

  • Launch a podcast

  • Get invited to be a guest on podcasts with other inspiring entrepreneurs

  • Be a leader whose team people seek to join

  • Become a respected and trusted expert in their field

  • Increase their income and expand their influence

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Check out Lia Garvin's TEDx Talk.
She's received nearly 300,000 views!
Step into your full potential.jpeg

Craft the Talk of Your Dreams


To secure your place in the Mastery Program, we invite you to initiate the registration process by scheduling a Speaker Breakthrough Call. During this call, we'll engage in a meaningful discussion to gain a deep understanding of your presentation goals and desired timeline. Furthermore, we'll address any questions you may have regarding the program.

Become the brilliant star you were born to be by seeing yourself in a whole new way.

Gold Background_edited_edited.jpg
Ellen-Petry-Leanse | Graduate of Mastery Public Speaking Program

"Insightful, impactful, and 100% encouraging – Lynn’s talent and passion for speaking shines in her coaching work. We met as I prepared for a TEDx talk. Within our first hour together, Lynn helped me focus on key points and improve my confidence on stage. I watched her do the same for other speakers and saw major improvements to all of our talks based on her guidance. Her expertise measurably increased my impact and I look forward to learning more from her in her training sessions. I’m grateful to TEDx for introducing me to Lynn."


Listen to Ellen’s TEDx talk

Ellen Petry Leanse ~ Author, Speaker, Coach


About Mastery or Any of Our Other Programs?

CONTACT US by EMAIL or Schedule a SHORT CALL via Our Calendly at a Time That Works for You.

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Together we’ll identify and clear memories and defense mechanisms that hold you back from being your most confident and authentic self. Eliminate the root causes of your public speaking and social anxiety fears for good. Your past vulnerable and embarrassing moments are holing you back and together we can release them.

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Speak Like a Pro



Go from “What are they thinking of me?” to “How can I best serve my audience?”


Hone your ability to hold people’s attention and connect in a way that makes them feel important and inspired. Become at ease in the spotlight while serving the highest needs of your audience.

8 pts StarA blue lines.png


Lead Like a Pro



Expand your executive presence and personal brand, and confidently own any room. Deliver your message to audiences large and small, and handle impromptu questions with ease. Ignite your leadership presence to empower you and bring out the best in those around you.


Public Speaking for ESL



Learn to make powerful audience connections with with your current vocabulary and accent. Many of our students are ESL and you’ll be surprised how the Inspired Speaker Program will give you all the confidence you need to get your message across with ease and feel good enough to speak and be heard.

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