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Raw and Real - Vulnerability Creates Speaking Success

If you've seen the new Netflix feature with Brene Brown, you know her conversation about courage and vulnerability is really hitting a nerve for a lot of people.

Revealing yourself this way is absolutely critical to being a great speaker, but most of us will do almost anything to avoid being vulnerable. It feels so uncomfortable, and well ... Raw.

As a skilled social researcher, Brene was terrified to talk about what was really on her mind when she was invited to the TED stage in 2010. But when she summoned up the courage, to be bold and talk about vulnerability, her TED talk paid off big time. It went viral practically overnight!

It's funny that being vulnerable is typically in direct conflict with our go-to response and conditioning to pretend we’ve got it all together to keep ourselves safe, especially when presenting to groups.

But here’s the real truth I've seen over and over again with my students: Being vulnerable is one of the most courageous and powerfully transformative things you can ever do. 

If you’re looking to make an impact, to lead others or change your own reality, getting real with who you are, the challenges you’ve faced and what you have to say about the experiences, is key.

Being authentic in the spotlight actually makes you more - not less - magnetic.

No doubt, stepping out and taking a stand for innovation, creativity, and change can be downright scary. Courageous vulnerability says “do it anyway.” Everyone’s vulnerability is a gift, and I know that YOU too have something to say that we all need to hear.

Ironically, it’s usually the stories you feel are “too vulnerable” that are actually the most moving for others.

Turning heartbreak into peace. Disconnection and division into unity. Apathy and detachment into empathy and concern.

All of us are more similar than different; we just forget. And when we are vulnerable with each other, we remember. It requires practice to tap into the gift of your vulnerability and speak it so you can deeply move your audience.

Be vulnerable. Be Courageous. And know the exhilaration and spark of victory that is embodied in the truth of your heartfelt values - a richness inside that only you can bring.

The world is waiting for you -:) 

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