First, Establish Your Presence

All it takes is a hint of fear of being in the spotlight and your unconscious body response will be to shut down and collapse in on itself, setting off a spiral of doom for a speaker - hunched shoulders, more tension, shallow breathing, self-doubt, surging stress hormones and ultimately a shrunken sense of personal presence.

Oy! All that preparation for a powerful talk now consumed by your body’s stress hormones, overcome with a racing heart, feeling overwhelmed, stumbling to find your words...

This is why taking command over your breath and cultivating an expanded body presence will make all the difference so that you can stand strong in your Powerful Personal Presence. With these directed, conscious steps, you can override your body’s desire to collapse and instead guide yourself to actually take up even more space in the room.

Follow these six steps and feel your Embodied Personal Presence expand.

Ground - Feel your feet on the floor while you breath slowly and deeply through your nose into your belly, guiding the long exhale down into the ground through your feet.

Lengthen - Pull your body upright, lengthening your neck and torso as if someone is tugging on a string from the top of your head.