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The 3 Trust Pillars for Speakers

Surrender what you cannot control and you might just find yourself with a powerful ability to communicate, connect and captivate any audience, of any size, any time.

Releasing control of outcome when you’re about to give a talk is an act of trust, which can feel as scary as being blindfolded on a pirate’s plank. However, this ability to surrender and trust is essential to communication mastery.

You must trust yourself, trust your audience, and trust the process!

When you do this, you will naturally let go of the thought patterns that make you want to quit before you ever begin. Here’s how.

Trusting yourself begins with valuing your message. Becoming perfectly clear about what you want to say and why sets the stage (no pun intended -:) for your success. When you believe wholeheartedly in the message that comes from your heart, trust naturally emerges.

Trusting your audience means confiding in them, sharing your honest message. How they respond is up to them, which you really can’t control. It is critical that you trust that the people you are here to serve will hear you.

You never really know until you’ve done it. I’ve been surprised many times when audience members offered no indication of interest during a talk, yet enthusiastically signed up for one of my programs in the end.

Naturally, when you begin to trust the process, there is less room for fear to find a way to control you. This work of finding your voice and using it is a slow unlearning of your relationship with fear and the unknown. You have so much beauty inside you! Trusting the process begins when you unravel this truth and peek inside. The more you learn to trust, the more spacious you become, and in that spaciousness, you find your gifts. Hiding them makes it easy to distrust yourself and the world around you.

Trusting the process may be the hardest part of this journey, not just on stage but off, because trusting the process involves brave inner resolve to relinquish any need to figure it all out.

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