A transformative public speaking training program 


To help you speak like a pro with ZERO fear and maximum impact





The Inspired Speaker

The people who speak in a compelling, confident, powerful way are the people who get ...

   The Job     

The Accolades  

The Promotion 

    The Recognition      

The Opportunities 

You aren’t speaking up in meetings, you aren’t leaning in, you aren’t commanding the stage, you aren’t communicating with confidence. 

The sad part is that you are just as qualified, hard-working and capable. 


The only thing standing in the way is…  Fear. 

Fear that. Doesn't. Make. Sense. 

  • You plan things out in your head - only to completely go blank when the time comes to actually speak. 

  • You over-prepare, or can’t even begin to prepare because the fear is unbearable and keeps you floundering. 

  • You start to speak up, but the stuttering, stumbling, the speed talking kicks in and things fall flat before you can finish your first sentence.

  • You are too scared to ask questions or share your ideas in team meetings - so you get overlooked again. 

  • You feel unheard, talked over, and invisible in the boardroom.

  • You are ready to take on leadership roles but aren’t confident enough to inspire people to follow.

  • You can’t connect when you speak to groups of people, which means the audience tunes out, and you struggle to finish your presentation. 





Your Solution... 

The Inspired Speaker Program.

Guaranteed so you can:

  • Lead with confidence

  • Speak in a way that truly inspires action

  • Captivate your audience within seconds

  • Master the practical skills of public speaking

  • Deliver under pressure, when all eyes are on you

  • Ignite your personal brand and inspired leadership style

  • Establish genuine relationships with people you encounter

  • Speak without an ounce of fear or anxiety in all kinds of settings

  • Master the art of connection so you can command the room or the stage

  • Find your secret sauce so that you can uniquely show up whenever you go

It's all been sooo frustrating!

And NOW you are hearing the call to up the anty in life and in your workplace. 

But you need to finally overcome the massive anxiety surrounding public speaking, develop the skills necessary to connect with your listeners, and learn to lead in a way that inspires action. 


This life-changing journey typically happens within just a few short months ...  


  • Eight Group Training Sessions


  • Six Hours of CORE Repatterning 

These private sessions are designed to help you dig into the specific causes of your fears, and neutralize those experiences. So you don’t have to just cope with fear. CORE gets to the root cause of your fear so you can eliminate it, once and for all.  Click here to learn all about CORE.


Ready to speak without fear? Let’s chat about what it might look like for you to

join the more than 2,000 professionals who have already found success here!

The Inspired Speaker Program is a transformational experience that combines Level I and

Level II group public speaking trainings and private CORE Repatterning breakthrough sessions to help you find your voice, step into your power, and grow your influence. 

Past clients have not only developed the skills they needed to speak more effectively, captivate an audience, and grow their impact - they’ve been able to do it with

ease and flow. 


          Here’s what a few of these movers and shakers had to say about their experience.


This program is different from any other public speaking class because it cuts to the heart and allows you to become a source of awesome public speaking. It’s a novel approach that works so quickly because of the potent private sessions to get to the core of why we hold ourselves back. When you combine Lynn’s private sessions with the classes, that are filled with introspection, great energy, and collaboration, it brings it all home. No more anxiety before a talk or big meeting and I’m now comfortable being my authentic self! - Kandra Vu, VP Worldwide Inside Sales and Business Development

If you are ready to have your message received authentically and persuasively by your audiences and to develop your executive presence -- then you will be transformed before you know it. Lynn's your secret weapon for speaking success. -Emelia Rallapalli, Founder, Pebble Strategy


Miracles do happen!  I literally gained the confidence and insight I needed to address my lifelong fear of speaking in front of more than one person. I’ve needed this all my life. Since that time, I network my business in groups and promote my non-profit to large audiences and show up with confidence, and effectively present each and every time. I highly recommend Lynn’s programs to anyone who has struggled with the fear of public speaking or has had difficulty articulating their message in a powerful way. Solve the problem instead of suffering from it for years as I had. Lynn is so amazing about getting to the real issue and at her heart is a giver – she is out to change your life and empower you to show up as your best/authentic self. -Angel Murray, SVP Risk Management

You were made to rise to the top - to taste the success you’ve always dreamed about.


You are worthy. You are powerful.


You are ready to take on whatever comes your way.

The Inspired Speaker is designed to help your speaking reflect the power-player that you are. 

To join the next round of The Inspired Speaker - book a call and let's chat about your goals. 

Level I Certification Training - ONLINE

     Next Dates

  • September 11th, 18th, 25th & October 2nd

      ***Saturdays, 10 am - 1:30 pm PT


Level II Certification Training​ - ONLINE

    Next Dates 

  • October 23rd, 30th, November 6th & 13th

       ***Saturdays, 10 am - 1:30 pm PT

** All live trainings have been optimized for an online transformational experience.



*CORE Repatterning private sessions are booked separately, according to schedule availability  

***Satisfaction Guarantee: 100 percent money back guarantee if not completely satisfied after fully participating and completing Level I, Level II and CORE Repatterning private sessions.

These special trainings have a limited number of students, and your presence is important. If you must reschedule your training dates, you can do so without charge two weeks or more in advance by contacting speakersupport@yesyoucanspeaknow.com. There is a $250 change fee if you reschedule with less than 14 days notice. Alternatively, you may transfer your space to a friend, family member, or colleague. Class fees are non-refundable.