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Empower Your Voice: Deepa Gopal's Journey from Fear to Authentic Public Speaking

Updated: Feb 21

Let me take you on a journey—one that's deeply personal and filled with transformation.

Meet Deepa Gopal, the force behind Youngzine, who has conquered the once-terrifying realm of public speaking.

Growing up between India and Kuwait, Deepa faced a tug-of-war between parental encouragement and societal norms that often relegated women's aspirations to the background. Even as a trailblazing hardware engineer in Silicon Valley, she grappled with being the lone female voice, sometimes feeling overlooked or unfairly labeled as aggressive.

The struggle intensified as the demands of a career and a young family collided, chipping away at Deepa's self-esteem. It was a wake-up call—one that led her on a quest for change, a journey of self-discovery involving journaling, meditation, and the wisdom of thinkers like Eckhart Tolle and Rumi.

Speaking to Crowd- Deepa Gopal- Rumi

Leaving her engineering career to start an educational nonprofit marked a turning point. The importance of confidently articulating her vision became crystal clear. Despite attempting traditional avenues like Toastmasters and local public speaking classes, Deepa found herself frozen on stage, unable to convey her message authentically.

Enter Lynn Kirkham, a public speaking coach with a heart-centered, spiritual approach that resonated with Deepa.

Trust was built from their very first conversation, and in private coaching sessions, they unearthed the root cause of Deepa's public speaking struggles—a revelation linked to her upbringing.

The boxes she had constructed in her mind as protective barriers were unveiled and left behind. The transformation wasn't a prolonged process but a mere few months, unlocking Deepa's authentic voice. Now, she stands comfortable addressing both large audiences and intimate gatherings, recognizing that every conversation, no matter how personal, is a form of public speaking.

Life experiences are now embraced as teachers, propelling Deepa forward with gratitude. Working with Lynn has allowed her to radiate positivity authentically. As the founder of Youngzine, she no longer feels the need to meticulously rehearse each word when speaking publicly. Her voice resonates from the depths of her being, exuding conviction effortlessly.

For Deepa Gopal, the fear of public speaking has transformed into an empowered, authentic expression.

Each day brings new opportunities, and she faces them with excitement, embodying the spirit of empowerment not only for herself but for all women.

So, to anyone grappling with the fear of public speaking, take a cue from Deepa's story.

Discover your authentic voice—it's the key to a joyful way of living.

With courage and conviction,

Lynn Kirkham- Yes You Can Speak- Public Speaking Coach

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