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Do You Really Need To Heal To Be a Great Speaker?

Updated: Feb 21

At Yes You Can Speak, we’re all about healing—DEEP, SOUL-LEVEL healing.

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Remember when you were little and cried out to express your needs? It was easy. But, as you grew, your voice was often stifled. You were hushed, told you were wrong, or worse, completely disregarded. Each instance etched a wound, some superficial, others cutting deep. You learned to cover these wounds with metaphorical scabs to protect yourself, yet life's encounters frequently tore them open again.

Eventually, those wounds became your shields, keeping you from trusting and being vulnerable. You built walls around your heart to avoid being hurt again.

To move through the world with magnetism and an open heart, wounds must be healed first. We do this with CORE Repatterning, which is a process that helps you identify your wounds and where they’re stored in the body. Once identified, the negative charge is released, the scab melt away, and the wounds heal from deep inside.

CORE Repatterning is our secret sauce for a total transformation, which involves more than healing past emotionally charged events. It will rewire your brain so that you feel safe and secure. Whether you're in a room full of strangers, hanging out at a social event, facing authority figures, or public speaking in a crowd— it will be like having this superpower of being totally in your zone.

Our group speaking classes provide a haven for kindred spirits seeking healing. And since the scars of your past influence your reactions today, we'll continue to unravel these ingrained patterns that hinder your most authentic expression.

We do this by thoughtfully curating step-by-step experiences that gently stretch boundaries while allowing you to remain utterly safe. With neuroscience-based techniques that allow you to dive deep into your core, you’ll carve new pathways in your mind and body, empowering you to stand tall and resolute with a simple word or gesture.

We're proud to offer an experience that breaks away from the traditional public speaking classes out there. It might not be what you'd expect, but if you're seeking lasting, life-altering results, your traditional speaking courses likely won’t cut it.

With 15 years of refining what we teach and a remarkable 98% success rate, we believe in your ability to be the hero of your own story and master the art of public speaking. Join us in this remarkable journey of self-discovery, where you’ll turn wounds into wisdom and

pave the way for your true self to shine, no matter where you are, forever.



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