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Deepa Gopal's Empowerment Journey Through Fear, Public Speaking

Deepa Gopal Broke through Some Tough Cultural Barriers to find Empowerment around Public Speaking.

"I’ve discovered my authentic voice. It’s a joyful way to live,”

Deepa Gopal

Growing up between India and Kuwait, conflicting messages surrounded Deepa Gopal. Despite her parents' encouragement, society often viewed a woman's aspirations as secondary.

This led Deepa to internalize cultural norms, impacting her sense of self-worth.

In Silicon Valley, as a female hardware engineer, Deepa often felt unseen and labeled as aggressive when speaking up. Balancing career and family added stress, affecting her health.

It was a wake-up call.

Deepa Gopal- Public Speaking Review
Deepa Gopal- Public Speaking Review

Turning to meditation and spiritual readings, Deepa realized she had built mental barriers to protect herself. When she left engineering to start a nonprofit, she knew her voice was crucial. Seeking a public speaking coach, she found Lynn Kirkham.

Their heart-centered approach resonated with Deepa. In their sessions, they uncovered the root cause of her fear, rooted in childhood. Unpacking these barriers unlocked Deepa's authentic voice quickly.

Now, Deepa confidently speaks before large groups, embracing each opportunity with gratitude. She credits Lynn for helping her express positivity and spontaneity in her speeches.

Today, Deepa's voice resonates from her core, exuding natural conviction. Her journey from fear to empowerment inspires others to embrace their authenticity and speak from the heart.


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