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Overcoming Job Interview Fears: A Director's Journey with Lynn's Transformative Coaching

Updated: Feb 21

A year ago, I found myself at a crossroads, ready to step into a leadership position.

However, despite my years of experience and a list of accomplishments, I was hitting a wall. The job offers I was after seemed elusive, and self-doubt was starting to creep in.

It was like standing at the edge of a vast sea of opportunities, but the fear of public speaking was holding me back. The very thought of speaking in public, especially in job interviews conducted over Zoom, terrified me. I was afraid of stumbling over my words, sounding like a robot, and not making the impact I knew I could.

That's when I decided to take a step back and seek help. I remembered a transformative experience I had five years ago with Lynn's Yes You Can Speak program. It had made a significant impact on my confidence and communication skills back then. So, I decided to return to Lynn for a refresher, hoping to unlock the magic again.

Job Interview Tips

Lynn didn't just teach me how to speak; she showed me how to connect with myself mindfully.

This, in turn, allowed me to create a genuine connection with my audience, even through the virtual world of Zoom. It was about more than just reciting my achievements – it was about telling my story authentically, from the heart.

The change wasn't in what I said but in how I said it. Lynn's techniques infused energy into my words and sparked a light in my eyes that translated through the screen. It worked like magic.

In the next five job interviews, I landed offers from top companies for director-level positions and received counter-offers from two of them after I initially said no. Even my current employer, the company I was with, offered me the desired position. Staying with them was a fantastic decision, and I couldn't be happier.

Now, when my friends are on the job hunt, I don't hesitate to refer them to Lynn. The results speak for themselves – they've all snagged new jobs within a month or so of completing her training.

Lynn's coaching style is unique. It's not about dry, methodical guidelines; it's about identifying and breaking through the barriers that block our energy. There's nothing quite like the feeling of knowing you can communicate your experiences and contributions effectively to a team.

So here's to conquering the fear of public speaking, unlocking your true potential, and embracing new opportunities with open arms.


Zehava Varde

Engineering Director

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