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Transformative Coaching: Zehava's Journey from Stagnation to Five Job Offers

Hey Job Seekers,

I want to share Zehava's inspiring journey. A year ago, she was tirelessly pursuing leadership roles without success. Feeling drained and losing faith in her career advancement, she decided to seek guidance.

Zehava Varde- Former Yes You Can Speak Student

Having experienced transformative public speaking training with me five years ago, Zehava knew where to turn. We delved into coaching that went beyond the ordinary. Zehava learned to mindfully connect with herself, translating that connection into powerful Zoom interactions during interviews.

The focus wasn't on changing what she said;

it was about how she said it—infusing energy and authenticity into her communication.

The outcome speaks volumes—Zehava secured five job offers from top companies, two counter-offers, and found fulfillment with her current role. Her success isn't isolated; friends referred by me also landed new jobs within a month of completing the training.

My coaching isn't about guidelines; it's about breaking through energy blocks and fostering authentic communication.

Zehava's story is a testament to the transformative power of personalized coaching.

Ready for your career breakthrough?

Lynn Kirkham- Founder of Yes You Can Speak- Public Speaking Coach


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