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Unleashing Authenticity: Melinda Lee's Journey from Silence to Speak In Flow Success

Updated: Feb 21

My Journey to Self-Worth and Founding My Own Company!

Melinda Lee, Founder of Speak in Flow

Hey there, amazing souls! I want to share a piece of my heart with you – my journey to self-worth and the birth of Speak In Flow, my very own company.

I'm Melinda Lee, the founder of Speak In Flow, and for the longest time, I battled with the fear of public speaking.

Terrified, actually. I grew up in a culture that didn't exactly cheer for outspoken individuals. In fact, I was taught to sit back, be agreeable, and let others take the lead. Speaking up was not the norm.

But deep down, I knew I had something important to say. In those quiet moments, I dreamed of empowering people like me to voice what truly mattered to them. The only problem? I had no clue how to break free from the chains of lifelong conditioning that kept me silent.

Melinda Lee- Success Story from Yes You Can Speak

My mom, a wonderful yet submissive woman, never gave herself permission to listen to her inner voice. She focused on survival, raising kids, and working hard for the family. Sadly, she never slowed down, and it cost her dearly – a painful lesson that I didn't want to learn the hard way.

So, my intuition whispered that there was a bigger purpose waiting for me beyond the computer work I was doing behind the scenes. My heart urged me, saying, "This isn't it, Melinda. You're meant for something more."

With courage, I took the leap and started my own business. I even ventured into public speaking. But the inner critic, oh, it was relentless. No matter how bold my steps, it seemed like an uphill battle against self-doubt.

Determined to overcome this internal struggle, I embarked on a journey of self-inquiry and stumbled upon CORE Repatterning™, a transformative coaching technique by Lynn Kirkham. CORE took me on a profound healing journey, helping me unplug from societal conditioning and embrace my self-worth.

Am I still scared sometimes? Do doubts creep in? Absolutely! But now, I know how to speak up. I've learned to lead from my heart, embracing imperfections and occasional doubts. That's the magic of understanding your core.

Now, I run Speak In Flow, where I coach corporate leaders to become masterful communicators. I love nothing more than helping people find their voices, just like Lynn did for me.

And speaking of Lynn, I'm still on her team, forever grateful for the breakthroughs she guided me through. With strong intuition and Lynn's coaching, I discovered how to trust what I want to say, going beyond conditioning.

Now, I follow my heart, not the constant chatter in my head. It allows me to embody a confident, connected presence when I speak. I've reconnected with my intuition and act upon it.

The key? Acknowledge the desire in your heart, clear the blocks, and find your true voice. Trust me, it's a game-changer. So here's my heartfelt wish for you – trust your desire, clear those blocks, and let your true voice shine.

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