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Embracing Imperfections: A Kintsugi Journey in Public Speaking with CORE Repatterning

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Picture this: it's a cozy February evening, and as I scroll through my Instagram, I'm met with a wall full of smiling faces and hearts – remnants of the Yes You Can Speak February Cupid Gone Wild 'love note' celebration. Among the sea of cutout paper hearts, a memory surfaces. A few years back, after a riveting presentation, I handed a seasoned speaker a simple paper heart. The result? A beaming smile and maybe a tear or two.

Lynn Kirkham Excited Teaching Public Speaking Classes

Curious minds might wonder, what's the connection between these heartfelt gestures and something called kintsugi? Well, let me take you on a journey where broken pieces become something more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

Kintsugi, a Japanese pottery art form, intrigued me. It involves gluing broken shards back together with lacquer and gold, creating golden threads in the once-cracked design. Much like life, right? Our stumbles and falls, our fears – they're the cracks that make us unique, like the 'scars' in a kintsugi masterpiece. Kin for golden, tsugi for repair. The fractures in our lives, the scars we bear, contribute to the complex beauty within us.

In this tale of self-discovery, imagine a group of public-speaking students bravely facing their broken parts through the CORE Repatterning process. It's not about conquering fears but about understanding and embracing them. Each stumble becomes a stepping stone, and each fumble a golden thread in their personal kintsugi masterpiece.

As they journey through life, falling, breaking, and putting themselves back together, they emerge with deeper wisdom, compassion, and a newfound recognition of the beauty in imperfections. It's not about telling them to be authentic, compelling, and relatable; it's about letting them discover it within themselves.

So, the next time you catch your reflection, think of kintsugi. Consider the uniqueness of your story and the beauty in your imperfections. And when you lock eyes with your tribe, share the goodness you see in them, not because someone told you to but because your heart can't help but overflow with love.

Inspirational Quote- "You Can do This!"

In this narrative, you are the work of art, a masterpiece in the making. Embrace the fractures, let the gold shine through, and remember: yes, you can speak, and you can do it with a heart full of love and courage.

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