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Unveiling the Power Within: Transforming Fear into Confidence on Your Public Speaking Journey

Updated: Feb 21

Hey Beautiful Souls,

Let's dive into a gentle conversation about that little 'F' word that can sometimes make our voices do a disappearing act – Fear.

You know, that tender feeling that gently nudges us when faced with the idea of speaking in public, causing our hands to get a tad clammy and our hearts to dance a jittery ballet.

But hey, take a deep breath and know that you're not alone in this journey. Let's untangle this fear together. Behind all those nervous flutters is an internal alarm system, like your body's way of saying, "Hey, something feels off here." It's a primal instinct woven into the fabric of your being to keep you safe, your own personal guardian angel.

Man Experiencing Fear and Panic

So, if the mere thought of being in the spotlight or sharing your thoughts has you contemplating a gentle escape, it's okay – we get it. The hitch lies in this fear mechanism your body cooked up, triggered by some past event that might be playing hide-and-seek in your memory.

Imagine this: the forgetfulness, the heart racing, the sweating – it's like your body whispering, "Sweet soul, it's not safe here. Forget Everything and Run!" Sound familiar?

But what if we shift the narrative and embrace Option Two: Face Everything and Rise?

For over a decade, I've been on a heart-led journey with students who were eager to become radiant public speakers. The secret sauce lies in gently uncovering the root of that urge to flee and embracing it with open arms. Enter the magic wand – CORE Repatterning™.

CORE Repatterning™ isn't just a term; it's a tender technique to pinpoint the trigger, bid it farewell, and lovingly reprogram your nervous system. No more fear lingering, no more playing hide-and-seek with your voice – just a wave of confidence, authenticity, and all-around self-love.

Woman Meditating to Calm her Nervous System

Ready to embark on this loving journey? Let's hold hands and do a sweet exercise together:

  • Close those beautiful eyes, reflect on a cringe-worthy experience, and rate your discomfort on a scale of 0 to -10.

  • Feel where it pinches in your body; that's your "ouchie zone" doing its thing.

  • Send a little thank-you to that guardian inside for trying to keep you safe, then kindly ask it to take a gentle break. Repeat with love.

  • Let those tender emotions flow out loud, then sprinkle in some positive affirmations.

  • Inhale love, exhale fear, and let it all flow away.

Repeat until that weight feels like it's taking a loving vacation. It might seem simple, but trust me, it's a love-infused journey.

My journey with a multitude of beautiful souls has taught me that facing and embracing fear with love is where the real transformation happens. As your gentle guide on this public speaking adventure, I'm here to help you dig out those fear roots with love.

CORE Repatterning™ usually blooms faster with a guide, but you can absolutely do it solo with a sprinkle of focus. So, are you ready to 'Face Everything and Rise' with love?

Give the protocol a loving try, and I'm here with an open heart to hear about your experience. Check out the heartwarming success stories here, and let's shower fear with love together!

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