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If you´ve struggled with fear, doubt, and paralyzing jitters, the only way to change is to get to the root of what’s making you afraid. Any other approach is just a band-aid to get you through your next presentation.

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We turn even the most introverted, shy, tongue-tied professionals into fearless public speakers who are free of the personal baggage that once consumed them with self-doubt. 

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Lynn Kirkham’s

Yes You Can Speak

The way I teach pushes far beyond the boundaries of typical public speaking programs. 

Because I believe...

The only way to light up a room is to connect with your inner light first.

My trainings are a deep dive into who you are as a human.

Here you will find profound respect for yourself.


You will choose to be worthy. Worthy of taking up space. Worthy of sharing your ideas. Worthy of connecting with others.

You will Ignite your spirit. Your spirit will then light up the room.

You will connect with your genius, and your genius will flow.

You will trust your voice.

The Inspired Speaker Program is a mind/body/spirit approach that works.

You will see yourself from a different perspective - a more empowered perspective. You will stop judging yourself because every time you do it stops the flow of ideas.

We will recondition your nervous system and your limbic brain to realize that your audience is safe. That they want you to win. That when you speak you are being of service.


That you deserve to be seen and heard. That you are enough.

No one has your light. No one can say it like you.


No one can make the impact you were born to make. Just by being authentically you.


Join this revolutionary journey for an inward transformation that will have you excited to share what you know.

No kidding. This approach will change your life.

Serving Power Player Teams Since 2010


I struggled all my life with public speaking and presentations. With Yes You Can Speak, I went from struggling to find my words, going blank and shaking, to a place of calm, finding my words, speaking from my heart, and feeling confident in my abilities. In just eight weeks in this program - Level I, Level II, and CORE Repatterning - I feel a transformation that I believe will last a lifetime. 


I’ve taken other public speaking courses without success, so I was initially a bit skeptical, but Lynn is gifted in how she walks you through her signature process.

I am so incredibly grateful for the Inspired Speaker Program. It was truly life-changing for me. I look forward to the future and using the gifts and tools to propel my professional and my personal life.

- Fawn Towne - Senior Manager, WW Sales Ops, Programs & Processes, VMware

Can't wait to connect with YOU!

Image by Sean Sinclair