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Lynn Kirkham | Public Speaking Coach



If You're Ready To Stop Freezing Up, Going Blank, Feeling Panic Or Dread ~ You Can Have A Complete Transformation In As Little As Three Months

Lynn Kirkham!

I struggled most of my life to find my voice and feel worthy of being heard. I was painfully shy and too scared to speak because I didn't trust I'd say the right words and I was afraid of being judged. I knew I was given one precious life to live and if I couldn't speak from my heart and make a difference, I'd get to the end of it with a lot of regret. I finally got over my fear of being in the spotlight because I had a mission bigger than myself and a mentor who believed in me more than I could. 

Lynn Kirkham | Public Speaking Coach in a Purple Dress in Mexico

It felt like a miracle when I got onto my first stage and spoke to 400 people. In that moment, my life changed forever. The moment I found my true voice, I made a promise to myself that I would help as many people as possible find their voice too. It would be a great honor to have your back, stand by your side and lift you up while you find your most authentic voice and leadership presence, becoming more of who you uniquely are.  Even if you don't believe it now, you've got what it takes. I promise!

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fear of public speaking, public speaking, learn how to public speak, training for public speaking
Even if you're the most introverted person, our trainings will help you become a dynamic, heart-centered speaker by freeing you of self-doubt and the personal baggage that is holding you back.
You’ll overcome shyness and find your authentic voice.
Inspired Speaker Program Student Results
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Feel comfortable in any public speaking situation

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Enjoy public speaking and being in the spotlight

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Seek opportunities to speak in public

3 Steps To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking

How on earth does a class full of people who are terrified to be in the spotlight transform into enthusiastic, magnetic, and inspirational public speakers in just 3 months over Zoom?

Sounds nearly impossible, right? Yet we have a 98% success rate, year after year. 

Here are the 3 success principles that make your transformation happen:

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​​​Our CORE Repatterning private sessions will eliminate the root causes of your public speaking and social anxiety fears by clearing hurtful memories and past experiences that keep you repeating the same negative reactions 

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Our Speak Like a Pro program helps you become a confident, inspiring speaker. Through immersive 1:1 coaching in an extraordinary healing and nurturing group environment, you'll overcome self-doubt and learn to connect on a deeper level with yourself and your audience.

Experience profound self-discovery that unlocks your best self.

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Our Lead Like a Pro program will ignite your leadership presence and personal brand so you confidently own any room. You'll deliver your message to audiences large and small, and handle impromptu questions with ease. You'll learn exactly how to bring out the best in those around you whether it be at the office or at home.



Transform Terrified Public Speakers into Confident Skilled Speakers and Leaders
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Suzanne Ryan ~ Best-Selling Author of "Simply Keto"

Suzanne Ryan ~ Best-Selling Author of "Simply Keto"

I came to Lynn because I’m an author and resisted speaking to crowds during my book tours. Her public speaking training is amazing! I witnessed everyone’s hearts opening and lives changing in just two days.

I struggled with self-doubt so public speaking has always been difficult. This cost me both showing up for myself and being more open to those I engage with. I feel so much stronger in my sense of self, have lots of great tools to help me to quickly step into my confidence, and know that my speaking to live groups and on video will be much more connected, grounded, and real. Thank you, Lynn!

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We Can't Wait to Connect With You!
fear of public speaking, public speaking, learn how to public speak, training for public speaking
Join this revolutionary journey for an inward transformation that will have you excited ~ not hesitant or afraid ~ to share what you know. No kidding.

Get Ready to Speak with Confidence


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