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7 Keys to Stop the Jitters and
Reclaim Your Voice

So you can step onto any stage, big or small,

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Learn to speak with confidence, ease, and power.

So the world takes note.

In a world full of power-players, all-stars, and winners - there is one common theme that is woven into every success story -

Effective Communication

Being able to clearly, powerfully, and authentically communicate in a boardroom, an interview, or from a stage is a prerequisite to rising through the ranks, building massive influence, and claiming your own version of success. 


But - speaking publicly doesn’t come easily for you. 


In fact, for years you’ve struggled with fear, doubt, and paralyzing jitters when it comes to sharing your message with the world. 


At Yes, You Can Speak - we’re here to help you find your voice, command the room, and uncover the star buried deep inside. 


We turn even the most introverted, shy, tongue-tied professionals into fearless public speakers with our proven process (and a little magic pixie dust)... that is tons of fun - lovingly supportive - and wildly effective. 


If you are ready to bring out the best and brightest version of yourself - so you can step into every opportunity and breakthrough every barrier standing in your way, join us!

Three Ways to Get You Speaking Like a Pro

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The Inspired Speaker + Leader

Whether you want to master the skills necessary to land your next job, build the confidence you need to speak up in the boardroom, or learn how to captivate a room as a well-polished  public speaker, this training will give you the skills, mindset,

confidence, and support you need to communicate in a powerful way.


This program makes conquering the art of public speaking so fun - you’ll want to keep coming back for more. Click below to learn more.

CORE Repatterning Private Coaching

In just a few sessions together we will help you to determine the root of your public speaking fear so you can eliminate that fear ONCE AND FOR ALL with the revolutionary CORE Repatterning Technique.

Imagine never again getting those paralyzing nerves that have kept you silent for years. To learn how to step into your greatness and say good-bye to the fear holding you back, click below.

Corporate Training 

Empowering your team to confidently step into their own voice - and equipping them with the skills they need to communicate effectively will revitalize your company culture, increase profits, unify your team, and help you to grow with ease.


If you’re curious about working with Yes You Can Speak to train your team members, click below!

We have served teams and executives from Facebook, Google, Intuit, VMware, MobileIron and many others.   


Master Public Speaking Now!

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We make public speaking fun, simple, and life-changing. 

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"What an absolutely life-changing experience this program has been. Lynn and Klaudeen are two beautiful souls full of love and inspiration. Before this, I would always second guess myself, my thoughts, my actions... and now I can stand in front of anyone and just speak! I have never felt freer and more like my true self than I do now. What changes have happened since this... - I received a promotion - I was given a leadership role on my team - I've become a leader for my company's women's group - I've received 2 different work opportunities within my company, another promotion and an international opportunity - I've led multiple team training, mentored, and been an advisor And this all happened within 3 months!! For me, the private sessions with Lynn were the most powerful part. This program is for anyone who wants to take themselves to the next level. This could simply mean your relationship with yourself, or if you're striving for that promotion, or speaking on the TED stage. I HIGHLY recommend this program. With all my heart. Thank you!"

Jessica Hollinger, Sr. Sales Account Executive

"Whether you’re looking to move past paralyzing stage fright, get more comfortable speaking to a group, better connect with your audience, or just want to shine in business or social situations, Lynn will help you achieve your goals! I have struggled with stage fright for as long as I can remember. Lynn’s class was so helpful – I am feeling not just more comfortable with speaking to a group, but am better able to project my voice, connect with a group, and have even had an easier time blogging lately!  And what a great group of women! There is no better place to feel safe and supported as you improve your speaking skills. Lynn is a phenomenal coach."

- Marisa Nelson, Estate Planning Attorney

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"If you believe that you have much more to offer to the world around you, both professionally and personally, but lack of compelling public speaking is holding you back then you need look no further than Lynn. As part of my job, I have to address a lot of groups and facilitate meetings and I always felt that there was something lacking in my approach. I set very high standards for everything and I felt that my own public speaking was lacking connection, authenticity, and conviction. I did Lynn's level 1 and it was a life-changing experience. Her program gives you exactly what you need to keep your audience engaged and come out as a leader who leaves a mark as opposed to some random person who made a presentation. Highly recommend Lynn's programs at any stage of your career to become a more inspiring leader."

Piyush Chandra, AI Product Management Lead

"I came to Lynn because I’m an author and resisted speaking to crowds during my book tours. Her public speaking training is amazing! I witnessed everyone’s hearts opening and lives change in just two days.

I struggled with self-doubt so public speaking has always been difficult. This cost me both showing up for myself and being more open to those I engage with. I feel so much stronger in my sense of self, have lots of great tools to help me to quickly step into my confidence and know that my speaking to groups or on video will be much more connected, grounded and real. Thank you Lynn!"


-Suzanne Ryan, best selling author of Simply Keto

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