Shy. Introverted. Finding Your Way to Stand Tall and Deliver

Most people that come through my doors looking to become public speakers are either introverted, shy or both - Oh my -:(

As you know, stepping up to a podium has its challenges for anyone. But boy, is it exacerbated and complicated by these character traits. For people who are shy or introverted, it can be a downright scary proposition.

Introverts can find their way. For shy folks, though, ditching the jitters requires some significant internal shifts.

You may be surprised to know that introverts make the very BEST speakers. I'll tell you why in just a bit.

How do you characterize yourself? Do you understand the differences between introversion and shyness?

For most of my life, it was a double whammy for me when it came to public speaking: I was both super shy and introverted. I was so reticent that speaking up made my teeth chatter when I was in front of three or more people. It was both painful and scary.