Our Public Speaking FAQ

More about the Yes You Can Speak method

How do you get proven results?

We use a strategic step by step system using neuroscience to release the patterns in your brain that make you afraid to speak. And employ scientific techniques to rewire your brain’s neural pathways so you can stop reacting and consciously direct your life.

Why is your method different?

Other programs have an outside-in approach. The Yes You Can Speak method is an inside-out approach. We discover what’s at the root of your reactions, uncovering past experiences and limiting beliefs and behaviors that are sabotaging you. Working then from a place of neutrality, we can reprogram your nervous-system to view public speaking as a positive experience.

What are the program take-aways?

Identify the voice story that is keeping you small and release it! You will build a solid executive presence as you identify and embrace your core values. You will master powerful techniques to ditch the jitters and empower your voice. And you will join a tribe of amazing people just like you, getting daily doses of empowerment from Lynn and your classmates as you engage with our dynamic WhatsApp tribe

What are the classes like?

All classes are online, with 20-25 people per class. 100 percent hands-on training with your lead trainer plus personal support from certified speaker coaches. One coach for every 4-5 class participants. You will have many opportunities to grow your speaking confidence in a safe-space with a small group of your tribemates. You will master breakthrough techniques to change your relationship with speaking from the inside-out. You will learn powerful exercises to get you in touch with your inner wisdom and who you are meant to be in the world so you can live on purpose. And last but not least, you will create your own personal public speaking ritual to get you in the right state of mind so you are successful each and every time you speak!

If you are ready to bring out the best and brightest version of yourself - so you can step into every opportunity and breakthrough every barrier standing in your way, join us!