Rave Reviews

John Roddy

Radiant Healthy Living

"This class went way beyond my expectations. In record time I was able to discover my talents and gifts as a speaker and captain of my own ship. Lynn creates a transformative space which brought forth the greatest expression of myself and everyone in the room. I now have much more appreciation for myself and all the resources within me to make the difference I’m meant to make. It also helped to give me the courage to let go of a business I’ve had for 15 years, and I feel great!"

Holly Battey, PsyD

Find Love At Last


"For anyone who fears public speaking or simply seeks greater confidence in life, run don’t walk to Lynn Kirkham’s speaking classes!  She is a true angel and her classes will transform how you think of yourself and feel in your own skin.  Lynn teaches that speaking is an inside job and she expedites lasting growth quickly (unlike most).  I’ve been a member of Toastmasters for 1.5 years, and while it’s been helpful, Lynn offered me a quantum leap in my progress as a speaker.  Lynn gives you the tools to thrive as a speaker and creates a safe, supportive environment where everyone is affirmed and seen for who they truly are. These classes are game changers and the gift that keeps on giving.  I give Lynn my very highest recommendation."

Aileen Jong

Acupuncture & Medical Qigong Center

"Amazing!  Lynn’s work is about getting connected with yourself and to show up much better in your life, so you’re brave enough to speak for yourself in your authentic voice.  I am now speaking up for myself in myself authentically.  I really enjoyed the safe, supportive interactions with Lynn and the group dynamic with other women was awesome."

Fuji Lai

Founder Patient-Centered Engineering, Medical Robotics

"I’m so pleased that Lynn was the official speaker coach for TEDxBerkeley.  She came highly recommended by my curator.  She’s a real pro and an absolute pleasure to work with.  She is amazing at helping to bring out your best performance. This was a truly transformative experience for me. I would highly recommend Lynn!"

Mark Shihadeh

Mark Shihadeh Life & Business Coaching


"I received so many golden nuggets from the Level I class and really appreciate the love, compassion and commitment Lynn brings to public speaking and leadership. The results for everyone were Amazing! I can’t accurately express how valuable it is to work with Lynn. Transformative, Life Changing, Empowering, Absolutely worth it!!"

Susan O’Connor


"Lynn, I just want to say (again) what a wonderful experience your class has been. I have taken so many courses, explored so many ways to find my voice and become a better speaker and leader — and your class was IT. It was the magic wand I have been looking for. Hooray!!!"

Marisa Nelson

Principal Attorney

"Whether you’re looking to move past paralyzing stage fright, get more comfortable speaking to a group, better connect with your audience, or just want to shine in business or social situations, Lynn will help you achieve your goals! I have struggled with stage fright for as long as I can remember. Lynn’s class was so helpful – I am feeling not just more comfortable with speaking to a group, but am better able to project my voice, connect with a group, and have even had an easier time blogging lately!  And what a great group of women! There is no better place to feel safe and supported as you improve your speaking skills. Lynn is a phenomenal coach."








Mona Hamilton

Account Executive, Oakwood Worldwide

"If someone said you could be transformed to become the speaker you have always wanted to be in less than a week, would you believe them? It’s true!  In just four days, Lynn Kirkham will teach you how to speak from the heart, make real connections with your audience, and deliver your message in a way that is the most authentic to you. She will show you how to clear your mind of past fears, and you are given the tools to redesign your present and future. Join our tribe and be in awe of a new person you will admire – YOU!"



Laurie Rodriguez


"In the past when I attended networking mixers or meetings, I always felt quite uncomfortable and uncertain with those I perceived as professionals. I always felt that ‘they’ were somehow better than me, especially doctors in lab coats. I thought if I had to speak in front of them they would not hear me or think less of me. It felt safer to say nothing at all. After taking Lynn’s Level I workshop I was blown away to find that this is no longer the case. I’m shocked that I no longer feel uncomfortable or not good enough around anyone, and my insecurities are completely gone! Lynn’s class was nothing short of A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!  I’m finally becoming the person I’ve dreamed of and looking forward to participating in the Level II class!"

Naxielly Cordoba


"I completed the first level of Lynn’s very powerful public speaking class and have never felt more confident and excited to put everything I learned into practice. It is different from other speaking classes because she helps you discover the speaker that you already have within you, along with developing a personal strategy for success. I have spent over $5,000 in other classes and have never felt this certain about who I am as a speaker. I highly recommend Lynn’s program."

Tom Nehrenz

Business and Executive Coach


"If you speak to groups you have to take this class. You’ll learn how to connect with your audience on a deep level so that you influence and  move them to action. What I liked best was it gave me the space to learn and practice without judgment. This class is a 10 out of 10."

Tila Taine

Owner  Radiant Electrolysis


"OMG! Lynn made a HUGE difference in my life. I am now able to speak in public comfortably and even accepted an invitation to be interviewed on a local French TV program and it was easy and fun! THANK YOU LYNN!!! This series will definitely transform your life!”


Ellen Petry Leanse

“Insightful, impactful, and 100% encouraging – Lynn’s talent and passion for speaking shines in her coaching work. We met as I prepared for a TEDx talk. Within our first hour together, Lynn helped me focus on key points and improve my confidence on stage. I watched her do the same for other speakers and saw major improvements to all of our talks based on her guidance. Her expertise measurably increased my impact and I look forward to learning more from her in her training sessions. I’m grateful to TEDx for introducing me to Lynn.”



Dr.  Neesa Ginger Mills

 Body and Energy Alignment, Visual Medicine


"Seriously people, if you are on this page, you probably need some support with your ability to speak effectively in front of a room. So you NEED to take this class!!! Lynn Kirkham’s awesome program goes way beyond public speaking. It is unique in that it combines the mind/body/spirit to give you a new sense of self in front of a room.It will transform, inspire, and motivate you to new levels in all aspects of your life. Privately, Lynn can identify the root cause of why you shut down or go into fight, flight or freeze and assist you on letting it go so it no longer triggers you. She’s warm and caring, and creates a very safe place for you to become your best self. I took this class after having taken other speaker trainings, and it made all the difference in being able to relax into my true voice."

Donna Marie Scheifler


"This is so not just a public speaking class.  A safe space is created where you can be your real self, discover that you have something to say, say and be totally received.  There were countless opportunities to get up from my chair and “wing it” and discover the thrill of flying.  Thank you Lynn!"

Andrea Pond

"Prior to Lynn’s class, I said “no” to facilitating workshops. Now, I have a new found self-confidence and actually jump at the chance to speak in public. I never thought this would happen to me!  I highly recommend YES, YOU CAN SPEAK! If you don’t invest in yourself, no one else will. Just do it!"















Linda McCourt

"Best and most valuable class I’ve ever taken! AND I’ve taken a lot of classes!"






Cathy Ritter

"Best workshop on speaking EVER!  This is so much more than a straight speaking class and is NOT Toastmasters. Lynn provided a safe environment for the class to learn and practice the tools and techniques to speak in front of others. She helped me find the confidence to stand taller when I walk into a room and believe in my voice. I loved the Level 1 workshop so much, I signed up for Level 2!"

Amy Lau

"Lynn has touched my life immeasurably. She is a dynamic, generous and inspiring teacher, with a gift for bringing out the best in people. When I was asked to write down the names of five individuals I admire, naturally Lynn was one of the five. She made each one of us in her course feel that we are gems, just like she is to us.

Giving lectures or presenting on a business level may come easily for some, more difficult for others. Regardless, most of us have not learned how to relate and connect to each person in the audience on a deeply personal level. And that’s the gift Lynn imparts onto her students – the gift that transcends personal or business interactions, reaping the rewards of love, understanding and sharing in the human experience in which we all exist.

From the moment I met Lynn, she has made me feel special, like what I have to offer truly matters in the world. And that the world needs to hear my story, because no one else can tell it the way I do. Not only does she teach you how to be fully present with your audience, she teaches you how to reach them deeply by being authentically yourself."

Dr. Pardis Kelly



"A year ago, I could hardly introduce myself in a group. A month ago I got invited to be a guest on a 30 minutes Public access TV program, broadcast live!! I said Yes without hesitation.  I did the interview with confidence, clarity and composure and I owe it all to Lynn, the fabulous mentor at Yes, You Can Speak!  Lynn, I am forever grateful.  See my interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewxTFVvtHMY"

Angel Murray

"Miracles do happen! After just two hours I literally gained the confidence and insight I needed to address my lifelong fear of speaking in front of more than one person. I’ve needed this all my life.  Since that time, I  network my business in groups and promote my non-profit to large audiences and show up with confidence, and effectively present each and every time. I  highly recommend Lynn’s courses to anyone who has struggled with fear of public speaking or has had difficulty articulating their message in a powerful way.  Attend one of her sessions!  Solve the problem instead of suffering with it for years as I had.  Lynn is so amazing about getting to the real issue and at her heart is a giver – she is out to change your life and empower you to show up as your best/authentic self."

April Bruce


"Lynn’s class is a 10!  For years the minister at my church has often called upon me to lead a meditation or speak to the congregation. Each time I felt nervous, ungrounded and contracted. After the Level I class I was asked to lead a meditation and I felt the words I spoke filled with presence, calmness and heart. I felt completely at ease, grounded and loved every minute of it! WOW! I never thought that I could change how I feel about myself and be able to speak with confidence, knowing that who I am and what I have to say matters. This class was absolutely life changing!"

Kirsten Elise

Transformational Healing


"After this course I felt more confident leading workshops and speaking in groups and I healed parts of my self in ways I didn’t expect. I learned how to really claim my space in the world and step into my life with greater ease, confidence and grace. Lynn really helped me reclaim and stand in my feminine power so that I move through the world as the brightest version of myself. Lynn really cares so much about her clients and I could feel her total support in allowing me to stand in my value. These skills will be with me for the rest of my life and I am eternally grateful for this powerful work! Thank you Lynn!"

Mei Ling Liu

Transformation Coach

"After Lynn’s class, speaking is a very positive and rewarding experience. I feel a sense of certainty and inner peace which I never thought was possible.  In the past, I used to worry for days before a presentation, wondering if my message and delivery was going to touch and move my audience the way I would like to. Now I don’t.  I now look forward to giving a talk because I am able to access a place of deep authenticity that creates a resonance with my audience.  Many speaking classes are focused on critiquing to make you a better speaker.  But Lynn’s program is the most nurturing and supportive class ever. Knowing that no matter what I did I could not fail gave me the courage and confidence to show up as my true self and to speak from my heart.  This feels amazing! "

Frank De Martini

"I released a lot of fears about many things in my life that had been keeping me from saying and being who I really am. For me, Lynn’s biggest skill is helping people release baggage that’s been keeping them from moving down the path of their personal spiritual evolution."

Stephanie Capodanno



"Lynn, I feel so much gratitude for showing me how to shine brilliantly. You have a gift for blessing those who come to your class with your beautiful love, spirit and wisdom.  Thank you from the depths of my heart.  You are special."

Suzanne Tremolada


"Lynn, thank you for being the light in the world you are. The Yes, You Can Speak! experience was wonderful. Not only am I more comfortable speaking to a group, but I had a number of realizations about myself, my passions, and especially how others view me. I experienced an opening of the heart and eyes too. I definitely want to be in another group with Lynn. She is gentle, compassionate and her energy really helped us all get up in front of the room."
























Suzanne Joe

"I felt such an inner transformation during and after taking Lynn’s classes.  Not only am I now able to speak well but it also gave me the courage to finally declare to others and to myself that my joy, my passion is to sing healing songs that comfort the heart and soothe the soul. I now touch people’s hearts with my music and just recorded my first album, “Tears of the Heart”.  The loving energy from Lynn and other women in the class fills my heart and inspires my soul every time I attend her class. It truly helped me connect to my own authentic voice within. This is a class you will not want to miss, it’s gift for your heart and soul."

Emily Lewis

"I highly recommend this course! I had a big fear of public speaking and performing. The past couple shows I have played there has been little to no anxiety or fear that used to present itself in such a huge way, thus inhibiting me from really following my bliss to sing. This course has helped remove old patterns that said I am not worthy of being listened to, I can’t trust myself, blah blah blah… Through this work I have had the repeat experience of trusting myself, trusting spirit, and seeing how the “right” words really do show up when we allow and trust them to. I have so much gratitude for Lynn and her dedication to helping others speak their truth. Lynn is a master at creating a safe and sacred container where participants can really open up and shine!"

Riikka Rajamaki


"Check this out if you want to experience a new level of joy, bliss and freedom while speaking in front of a group!"

Candace Harding

"I’ve spent years working on myself and after the Yes, You Can Speak! series, not only do I now feel much more confident and connected while speaking in public, but I am more focused and have anew sense of clarity in my life as well.  This series has been the most encouraging, enlightening and profoundly loving experience I have ever had."

Judy Wedekind

"I found my confidence, joy and acceptance of who I really am, speaking, being, living and laughing!  This class is so empowering and I thoroughly recommend it to everyone! Thank you!  Lynn, You are awesome! I will bring you with me as a mentor in my circle of confidence wherever I go."

Carol B.


"I met Lynn a couple of years ago and was intrigued, but – I didn’t think ANYTHING could help me get over my fear of public speaking. I decided this was MY YEAR and would try! I started with her intro class and within 2 hours she had me up and speaking and CONVINCED! (And I’m a hard sell!)  I just completed her Level I class and It’s been truly an amazing journey. Not only have I gained more confidence professionally, I’ve also changed personally with my interactions with family and friends. Plus I gained a whole new set of friends from her classes! Yes I would absolutely take her class! Yes I’m already signed up for another one!"

Misha Steidel


"Absolutely transformative!"


Edna Wallace

"On behalf of San Carlos Toastmasters (and personally), I wanted to thank you so much for your workshop last night, Lynn! It was energetic and energizing, heartfelt and practical, and a whole lot of fun. I know I personally got some “life” tips like “I don’t know what I’m going to say but it’s going to be great!" so I’m grateful. The workshop was a generous gift that you gave our San Carlos club  Thank you again…"

Myra Nawabi

Palo Alto Lean In Circle Founder


Lynn is a magician and anyone who takes her class is changed for the better! I was quite skeptical and took my sweet time before taking class. Shortly after, I delivered a powerful talk that was very well received! Thank you Lynn!

Megan Worth

"Lynn has transformed me and all of the other souls that I have sent to her. We have all walked away from our private sessions with Lynn feeling lighter, brighter, and very much changed. She spreads love, understanding, and she kicks your butt with a smile on her face. I am truly blessed that she is in my life."

Jacqueline S.

"I attended Lynn’s “Three Keys to Public Speaking Success” last night and I am still feeling the benefits today. It flew by because it was so engaging. I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you can go definitely GO! It was grounding, inspiring, and confidence-building."

Melanie Bradley

"Lynn, your class is hands down the best speaking class ever! You are a master at creating a totally safe environment where each person is supported by everyone to connect with and speak from their true essence. I have never felt so supported as a group participant- by you and everyone in the class! FINALLY, I know that whether I’m speaking in front of a crowd, going for an interview, talking about my business, or having a conversation 1-1, I can be totally 100% me and be effective. Your class brought out the Speaking Magic in all of us. It was fun, transformative, innovative, and useful. Thanks for making a difference in all of our lives!"

Fran James

"It is amazing!  Will change your life and your sense of self!"

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