Student Speaker Success Spotlight


What key things shifted for you? 


What Lynn helped me with most that made all the difference was understanding through her CORE Repatterning work how much my past and early memories shaped who I am and how I think about myself today. She helped me remember and release old junk that's been holding me back for so long and by doing so, I was able to let my inner voice free. On the BBC World News live broadcast, I wasn't on a stage but the spotlight directed at me was the biggest one I've ever experienced. So I am so grateful for the ways Lynn has helped prepare me for moments exactly like those when there is no time to prepare and your authentic voice matters more than ever.


Tell us a little bit about your passionate purpose. 


My purpose is and always has been to speak for those who can't: animals and Mother Nature. I'm a huge environmentalist and what I've learned on my own (many) journeys is that everything boils down to humans and our ability to embrace change. I burn for awakening people and help guide them on a path towards self-love, healing, and respect - to themselves and everything that surrounds us. My dream is to one day be able to speak this truth on stages bigger than I could ever have imagined and I have reason to believe that YYCS was exactly what I needed to kickstart that dream.

How do you feel that YYCS prepared you for this huge moment in the spotlight, being interviewed on BBC World News?

Working with Lynn helped me release deeply buried blockage within me that has stopped me from feeling comfortable in my truth for most of my life. When I was interviewed live for BBC World News, with little to no preparation, it occurred to me how much Lynn has helped. Yes, I was nervous, probably the most nervous I've ever been, but somehow I was able to collect myself and deliver. It was like I unleashed a source of knowledge and confidence within me and I was able to speak my truth with love.


Where were you before YYCS regarding your skills and willingness to speak publicly? 


I've always known I wanted to be a public speaker and being on stage gives me so much excitement. I've spoken in many circumstances before but afterward, I've always felt like I didn't deliver and that, even if I did, I had made a fool of myself somehow. I'm drawn to the stage but once I've been up there I was attacked by thoughts telling me that I don't deserve to be there and that whatever I had to say was not actually that worthy of being heard. I often tried to make myself smaller and wrap up whatever I had to say as quickly as I could so  I could "spare" the audience any pain. This was not really a place from which to lead and inspire others, and definitely not a place to see myself from a light of respect and love.

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Anne Therese Bengtsson of Role Models Management

Link to her BBC Interview for rights in the modeling industry