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Whether you’re looking to move past paralyzing stage fright, get more comfortable speaking to a group, better connect with your audience, or just want to shine in business or social situations, Lynn will help you achieve your goals! I have struggled with stage fright for as long as I can remember. Lynn’s class was so helpful – I am feeling not just more comfortable with speaking to a group, but am better able to project my voice, connect with a group, and have even had an easier time blogging lately!  And what a great group of women! There is no better place to feel safe and supported as you improve your speaking skills. Lynn is a phenomenal coach.

Marisa Nelson

Lynn is a very inspiring and engaging speaking coach. As a Toastmasters Division B Director I've attended the "Power of Connection" and "Impromptu Speaking Made Easy" workshops she facilitated for several local Toastmasters clubs. Everyone really enjoys Lynn's workshops and fresh perspective on public speaking. They are always fun, interactive, and very empowering. Her methods are very relevant and immediately applicable to anyone who values the importance of effective communication. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned speaker, Lynn will give you techniques and practical exercises that will help you to become an even better communicator.

I participated in Lynn’s two-day Irresistible Public Speaking program after practicing public speaking with Toastmasters for three years. Observing numerous speakers at various Toastmasters clubs and contests, I have noticed that speech content is irrelevant without connection with the audience. But HOW can you connect? Lynn shows you HOW to stay connected with your message and the audience. She led us through exploring several best practices that connect. It was a transformational experience for me and everyone else in the room. We all became better speakers.

Lynn’s work is a great compliment to the Toastmasters program. One of the things I like best is that she helps people quickly desensitize themselves in front of the room and discover inner qualities that effectively connect them to others. After just two days I can much better control stress, and focus much more on the audience and delivering a great talk. Lynn creates a uniquely personalized and supportive environment that transforms people from the inside-out. I highly recommend Lynn.

Dmitry Feldman

This program is different from any other public speaking class because it cuts to the heart and allows you to become a source of awesome public speaking. It’s a novel approach that works so quickly because of the potent private sessions to get to the core of why we hold ourselves back. When you combine Lynn’s private sessions with the classes, that are filled with introspection, great energy, and collaboration, it brings it all home. No more anxiety before a talk or big meeting and I’m now comfortable being my authentic self!

Kandra Wu

Miracles do happen! After just two hours I literally gained the confidence and insight I needed to address my lifelong fear of speaking in front of more than one person. I’ve needed this all my life.  Since that time, I  network my business in groups and promote my non-profit to large audiences and show up with confidence, and effectively present each and every time. I  highly recommend Lynn’s courses to anyone who has struggled with fear of public speaking or has had difficulty articulating their message in a powerful way.  Attend one of her sessions!  Solve the problem instead of suffering with it for years as I had.  Lynn is so amazing about getting to the real issue and at her heart is a giver – she is out to change your life and empower you to show up as your best/authentic self.

Angel Murray

If you speak to groups you have to take this class. You’ll learn how to connect with your audience on a deep level so that you influence and  move them to action. What I liked best was it gave me the space to learn and practice without judgment. This class is a 10 out of 10.

Tom Nehrenz

Working with Lynn is not for everyone. If you're not ready to dig deep... If you're not ready to get to root of what keeps you from being the communicator you're meant to be – then don't call her. But if you are ready to have your message received authentically and persuasively by your audiences, and to develop your executive presence -- then you will be transformed before you know it. Lynn's your secret weapon for speaking success.

Emelia Rallapalli

If you have trouble standing in front of tens, hundreds, and thousands of people, if you think you are not good enough, if you speak too fast on the stage, if you can't connect with the audience, if you don't believe that you can get a standing round of applause, then this is a course for you. You will come out believing in yourself, able to connect with the audience and hence engage much better, you will feel comfortable on the stage with words flowing, you will slow down yourself naturally, your body and mind will be in complete harmony. This course fundamentally focusses on the foundation of public speaking so that you feel comfortable speaking on the stage anytime on any topic rather than preparing an introduction or ending message, or prepare for a particular presentation or what to present or learn some magic tricks. The reality is that if you feel comfortable on the stage, and can connect with the audience, the rest is just good slides and your domain knowledge on the topic. For all left-brained people, it may look awkward at first but just hang in there till the end of the session and you will see a remarkable transformation in yourself. I personally went from 1000 knots/hour to 10 knots/hour in my delivery speed and can connect with my audience significantly better. Here is the presentation I gave to hundreds of folks at reinvent 2018:…, after taking the course. And I promise you that I was so fast before due to stage fear and natural tendency that it was really hard to even for me to follow the recorded video, forget about the audience. At the end of the day, you will feel that you ARE good enough and even though you may not know exactly what to say, you will have the trust in yourself that it's going to be great! Not only on the stage, but Lynn's principles also have a huge impact in the day-to-day life - you will learn how to be an effective leader, how to get over tough times, and even have a better personal relationship with your partner.

Kamal Gupta

I received so many golden nuggets from the Level I class and really appreciate the love, compassion and commitment Lynn brings to public speaking and leadership. The results for everyone were Amazing! I can’t accurately express how valuable it is to work with Lynn. Transformative, Life Changing, Empowering, Absolutely worth it!!

Mark Shihadeh

What an absolute life changing experience this program has been. Lynn and Klaudeen are two beautiful souls full of love and inspiration. Before this, I would always second guess myself, my thoughts, my actions... and now I can stand in front of anyone and just speak! I have never felt more free and more like my true self than I do now. What changes have happened since this... - I received a promotion - I was given a leadership role on my team - I've become a leader for my company's women's group - I've received 2 different work opportunities within my company, another promotion and an international opportunity - I've led multiple team trainings, mentored, and been an advisor And this all happened within 3 months!! For me, the private sessions with Lynn were the most powerful part. I had a lot to work through, but once I let it all go... wow. That is when I really felt a shift in my being. This program is for anyone who wants to take themselves to the next level. This could simply mean your relationship with yourself, or if you're striving for that promotion, or speaking on the TED stage. I HIGHLY recommend this program. With all my heart. Thank you!

Jessica Hollinger

A year ago, I could hardly introduce myself in a group. A month ago I got invited to be a guest on a 30 minutes Public access TV program, broadcast live!! I said Yes without hesitation.  I did the interview with confidence, clarity and composure and I owe it all to Lynn, the fabulous mentor at Yes, You Can Speak!  Lynn, I am forever grateful.  See my interview here:

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