Purchase Level I and Level II training, plus 6 hours of private coaching to clear your fears and master the art of public speaking. 


Level I:

  • Build on your strengths so you easily access your authentic brilliance
  • Program your conscious and subconscious mind for speaking success
  • Become a channel of heartfelt speaking that truly inspires action
  • Experience exactly what it takes to magnify your impact
  • Know in your bones that you belong in front of a room
  • Desensitize fear when “all eyes are on you”
  • Master the art of connection
  • Find your secret sauce


Level II:

  • Step fully into your presence, purpose, and power
  •  Master the skills of public speaking
  •  Captivate your audience within seconds
  •  Establish rapport with most everyone you encounter
  •  Connect with and move your audience to action
  •  Ignite your personal brand and inspired leadership style


Level I & Level II Bundle + Private Coaching

Level I Class Dates
Level II Class Dates

Saturdays, March 23rd & 30th      
Oakwood Mountain View –

881 E. El Camino Real, Mountain View



Teach Me How to Become a Confident Speaker Please!

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