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2-Day Online Event

This is a life changing virtual conference 
to shift your presence and speaking ability
from individual contributor or manager to leader.

Get Ready because you’re about to Level Up your leadership and communication skills!

Discover how to create real human connection with your audience


Learn the art of sharing your natural charisma that motivates your team


See how speaking from your heart will inspire action 


You already have the innate abilityand experience to lead.
All you need is to unveil it, claim it and step into it so that others see you as a leader too.

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“I’m not your traditional speaking and leadership coach."

My students can relate to the servant leadership and want to speak from their hearts. They want to make a bigger difference in the world.

​Because I focus on building strengths, not picking apart weaknesses, my students move people past their fear of public speaking and leadership and find ease in making real audience connections.

​Our program is completely out of the box, which is why we consistently achieve life changing results.”


"There’s a big difference between being a boss and being a leader. To become a great leader, you must source your leadership presence from your core. You must bring out the best in yourself first so that others trust and naturally want to engage and follow you. 

Become a leader first then you will be promoted again and again. It’s a magical shift, like stepping through a doorway. That’s what the Executive Presence and Leadership event is all about.

Attendees will learn how to make that shift, with career and life-changing results."


–Lynn Kirkham founder, Yes You Can Speak

When your commitment to serve others is bigger than your commitment to protect yourself, then you become a leader. 



  • What is Leadership?

  • Releasing the fear or hesitation around leadership

  • How to use your voice to establish credibility

  • Speaking on the fly – 

  • Hot seat coaching session


  • How to build trust and magnetism

  • Find your power and influence in front of a room

  • How to bring out the best in others

  • Step into servant leadership

  • Hot seat coaching session


2022 Dates

November 12th and 13th

2023 Dates

March 19th and 20th

July 16th and 17th

November 12th and 13th 

9:00am - 5:00pm PST


Find your voice, step into 

your power, and grow your influence.


The Executive Presence and Leadership Event is 

an online transformational 

experience! Contact Lynn today to learn more and reserve your seat.  


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