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Your Kind Presence Really - Really - Matters

This is your Highest Self speaking with an important reminder this holiday season, so please listen up:).

Wherever you are, whether you're by yourself, with strangers or in the company of family members...  Your kind presence really - really - matters. 

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukka, Kwanzaa, the Winter Solstice, something else or nothing else, let this season of reflection bring you back to this forever truth. 

Whatever calls you from your heart is the meaningful contribution that is right for you, and that brings you present. Only when you forget this is when things fall apart.

When you acknowledge this message inside yourself with a kind embrace for yourself and others, you automatically then plug into your highest genius and your sharing becomes effervescent - whether it's at a board meeting, in the grocery store or the family dinner table.

Spreading kindness this way during the winter holidays (and always) begins and ends with you.

My gift to you this holiday season comes in the form of this joyful reminder that I guarantee will make you smile, maybe even spark some inspired action and sweet tears of gratitude.

The inspiration behind this Love Song to the World video comes from Nimo Patel, a man who found his joy when he stepped off the treadmill and into a life dedicated to song and service. What makes this even sweeter is that the beautiful woman at the beginning and end of the video is the grandmother of my dear friend, Mia Tagano.

#yesyoucanspeak #lovesongtotheworld #kindness #youareablessing

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