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You Have The Power

This simple gesture can completely change someone's day - that's why we've dubbed February as 'Cupid's Gone Wild' month.

You are invited to join the Yes You Can Speak community in some Valentine’s fun so we can spread the luvvvv. Are you up for it?

Get inspired with this story of how this impulse to uplift another unfolded into a true transformation for a woman I saw in a cloud of deep despair one day while walking down a city street.

So if you're ready for some light-hearted mischief guaranteed to ignite the heartbeat of your peeps, join the challenge by sending, sharing, leaving random love notes in unexpected places in your home, at the grocery store...

I'm sure you get the idea. Be playful and come up with your own ways to surprise your beloveds and strangers alike.

This very simple gesture just makes all the difference, as it did for the woman I approached in Oakland. Believe it or not, this practice is a key exercise in my Yes You Can Speak public speaking trainings, so that aspiring speakers can own their value and know that they have something to say. It works like a charm, during every single class. -:)

To join Cupid's February messenger squad, it's simple. Just cut out some paper hearts, make a list of the people you know who could use some acknowledgment, write some soul-inspiring words on each heart, and have fun giving them out!

Ask your recipient to pay it forward to "three more people" so more love will be ignited.

With most are still isolated during this time, I have a feeling this 'spread the luv' infusion will be more important than ever.

Let's see what we can do to make this VIRAL - sharing your caring with love notes in person, through text, social media, and any which way that Cupid inspires you to do so. Post it on social media too: #SpreadTheLove #CupidsGoneWild.

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