Women Building Community in a Man's World

The concept of balance on today's Fall Equinox has me reflecting on my recent experiences facilitating women on a corporate campus.

The balance that is marked by the Equinox is something women in the workplace still struggle with every day, and it’s not just about money and influence and keeping up with men.

What I’m talking about is a deep desire to be authentic to who they are, to feel a sense of belonging and still successfully advance professionally. It’s confusing out there-:)

While women have indeed reached new heights in many corporations, the unique qualities of men and women in the workplace is far from balanced, often leaving women struggling to find self-worth or to have the alliances they need to truly flourish.

In most companies, it's still a man’s world in attitude and approach to how things are done. So often, women find themselves having to morph into something that is not natural in order to be successful.

Why does this matter? Because whenever we shift into ways of being that are not in true alignment with who we really are, we cannot show up fully, tap into our genius and put our best selves forward.