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When I Feel Anxious, I GO Blank :(

Feeling anxious can take the wind right out of your proverbial sails. Lickety-split.

You're ready. You're excited, all set to pitch something important with your boss or a colleague.

And daa-dunn...

Your body is suddenly hijacked by a stress monster - apprehension and fear take over, your mind races with worry. You feel irritable, sweaty, and stressed.

To top it all off, the words you were prepared to deliver are nowhere to be found. Your mind is... blank. Nothing, nada. Ugh -:(

The good news is that I've got a way you can shift this.

Drop-in with this pre-recorded CORE Repatterning clearing session that I dedicated to this all-too-common theme: when I feel anxious, I go blank.

With CORE, my powerful target and release technique, you'll begin unraveling the patterns in your nervous system that have been driving your anxiety cycle.

Going blank is part of a laundry list of emotional challenges when it comes to public speaking. For some, it's a racing mind. For others, it's heart palpitations, dizziness, and words all a jumble... In a nutshell, it's all fear running amok through the body's nervous system, typically linked unconsciously to painful episodes from the past.

CORE Repatterning identifies these deep-seated pains and reprograms the body so you can feel confident and clear in all aspects of your life. You can learn more about CORE Repatterning and how it can nix the all too common fear of public speaking too - once and for all.

I can't wait to hear how things shift for you -:)

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