Unpacking Racism - CORE Repatterning for White Allies

It’s time to create a whole new way of relating so that we can create a better and more just world.

If you consider yourself to be a “white ally” - ready to confront racial injustice and would like to become an even stronger force for good - tune into the video below and allow it to help bring healing within yourself.

We can create massive collective change if we do our deep inner work first.

We can only heal what we can feel, and this session will help you to quickly and effectively process those complex emotions.

As whites, we often think of racism as conscious bias, but it’s bigger than that. It’s about how we perceive and subtly interact with people whose skin color is different than ours.

I've come to realize that we often move from a place of privilege that we don’t even realize we have. It is ubiquitous and unconscious, and we are typically unaware of the pain dark-skinned people feel simply by living in a society where white is the norm. :-(

We can become an instrument of change by tapping into and healing the racism and privilege that has been unconsciously passed down through generations.

Whites have access to so many things that people of color don’t, and many of us are simply ignorant of how painful it is to walk in non-white shoes. When we do understand, it’s heartbreaking.

This session brings to light those places inside where many of us have been afraid to look. Through this CORE Repatterning clearing and meditation, we release the constriction and defense around privilege, the thought-forms of us versus them, and that in attempting to help, we may say the wrong thing.

At Yes You Can Speak, we believe that every single voice deserves to be heard. Since our inception in 2009, every program has had one or more women of color that came for free. In the process, they were able to release debilitating traumas and find the true voice that emanates from their heart...And we always will support these women.

The only way for an opposing mind to hear us is to come from our hearts instead of our heads. We are on a mission to help.

If you know of a group of underserved women of color who would love participating in a program so they can step into the most empowered and authentic versions of themselves and learn to speak from their heart so people can truly hear them, we are happy to offer this training for free. Just reach out.

Please join us this Saturday, June 20th at 1:30 pm for another CORE Repatterning and meditation and clearing called “Healing Race Relations.”

During this special gathering, we will hold sacred space for our black brothers and sisters and spotlight simultaneously, one person who is white and one who is black. Each will vulnerably share as they dive deep into their own fear and trauma and name it so all of us on the call can feel it and release it too.

Once all of the pain and trauma is released, we can go forth as one...

You can register for the free Zoom session here:

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