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Taking Steps to Get Rid of Fear and Anxiety

Updated: Nov 26

To manage your fear is first to take a step back. Rather than panicking and rushing to others for help, isolate yourself first so you can better evaluate the situation.. Cutting yourself off from external stimuli allows you to get back to thinking. Once the first moment of anxiety has passed, nothing prevents you from turning to the right people to confide in and ask for advice.

Fear of Being Judged

Don't be afraid of being judged. Showing authenticity and sincerity in the expression of one's emotions has, on the contrary, extremely beneficial effects. You should try to be as transparent as possible. That is the only way that you will move forward and get the help you need for your anxiety and fear.

The Goal and Focus

Does anxiety and fear paralyze you? Remember the goal and focus on the steps to get there by seeing a professional and getting the guidance and help you need. You will be able to overcome fear and anxiety by deploying support measures. Another tip to help you take action: realize that you can't control everything. When you find yourself out of control, this is when you seek professional help.

Dealing with Uncertainty

You have to learn to deal with uncertainty. No need to try to calm your anxiety and fear by taking a luxury of precautions and postponing the things that you have to get done. For example, if you own a business and have to make a decision about negotiating a contract, but you feel anxiety and fear about it, then you will only be hurting yourself. If it has to be done, there is no other way around it, but to deal with it, even if you have to get a professional to guide you through the decision making process.


Self -confidence is also part of the solution for anxiety. This is an important way to overcome a distressing situation. It's important to remember that no matter what, in any situation, you're going to handle it, maybe not the way you hope, but you'll do what you can and that's the most important thing. So don't put pressure on yourself. You are not perfect, and no one is. Just be you, that's more than enough! You can be confident in yourself and your abilities to handle any situation. If it's hard to believe, do not hesitate to repeat to yourself several times a day that you can be confident in yourself and that you will handle any situation.


Another solution against anxiety and fear is meditation. It's a way to reconnect with yourself and not let yourself be overwhelmed by anxiety. It is a tool that allows you to better manage anxiety and gain distance. Many professionals have studied its benefits. If meditation isn't easy at first, remember to go at your own pace. And then, if ultimately it's not your thing, well that's ok. Meditation is not for everyone and there is no need to force yourself or tell yourself that it's because you suck or you don't know how to do it.


Dealing with anxiety and fear is to identify the source of the anxiety and a professional can help you. Therefore, it is necessary to pause for a moment and identify what is causing the anxiety, because sometimes we do not always identify it all at once. Recognizing the origin of your anxiety allows you to identify avenues to work on later, so don't underestimate this step! Seek the help of a professional and don’t try to do things on your own.

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