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Updated: Aug 18, 2022

From Zero to FIVE Job Offers - WOW!

"Perhaps you can relate. I was stuck,"

Zehava Varde

A year ago, I was ready to move to a leadership position. Yet I was tired, working long hours and interviewing for director-level engineering positions. It was hard to keep trusting my ability to advance in my career. I was losing faith. I had many years of experience and accomplishments.

Still, I wasn’t successfully landing even one job offer.

So I decided to seek help with how I presented myself to interviewers on Zoom, and to make sure I wasn’t sounding like a robot -:)

After having had a terrific experience learning public speaking skills with Lynn's Yes You Can Speak five years prior, I heeded the call to go back to Lynn for a refresher. Lynn brought so much to the table with techniques to connect with myself in a mindful way, so I could then make a strong connection with my audience remotely across Zoom.

I learned how to talk about my accomplishments from my heart and how to tell my story in an authentic way.

What I said in job interviews didn’t change - it was the way I said it that was different. It increased my energy and gave a spark to my eye, that lit me up on the screen.

It worked like magic.

In my next five job interviews, I got five offers from top companies for director-level and above, and two of them counter-offered after I said no. The company I was with offered me the exact type of position I wanted, and staying with them has been a great decision - I’m very happy. When my friends are looking for new positions, I refer them to Lynn. What's great is that they’ve all gotten new jobs within a month or so of completing her training. Lynn’s coaching style is different. It’s not dry and methodical guidelines. She shows us what’s blocking our energy and then helps us blast through that. It’s such a great feeling when you’ve learned how to best communicate the experience and contributions that you can bring to a team.

- Zehava Varde

Engineering Director

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