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'Crushing It' On the Conference Call

The key ingredients of a riveting online speaking presence are no different than what it takes to shake up the conference stage.

Really, it's the same stuff I've taught my students for over a decade during the in-person Yes You Can Speak public speaking training. It’s just that being online can feel really different without the audience's feedback you typically get when you’re in a physical space together - like the sensory experience of seeing, hearing, feeling, and attuning to the energy of the group.

For now, though, public speaking online is our new reality -:)

So what do you do to get over the hump, to stand up and stand out with confidence, to land your message with riveting impact?

Let's begin with the Yes You Can Speak basics - the same fundamentals that apply across all speaking platforms.

  • The very best speakers step into a state of flow. They trust the moment and trust that they are meant to be front and center.

  • They stay connected to both their audience and their message.

To get in the flow and stay connected, follow these simple steps, and you'll be amazed.

1. Visualize - As you prepare to deliver a pitch, an idea, a report, or a passion during your next meeting, review it first in your mind - seeing yourself giving a great presentation and receiving a standing ovation at the end (even if it has never ever happened before), because your mind doesn't know the difference between something real or something imagined. Be sure to feeeeeel it while you are visualizing it.

2. Tap into your why – Your why is what ignites you and has the power to ignite your listeners too. Why is it important for your audience to hear what you have to say? What's exciting to you about your message? Let your audience feel your passion, and your words will surely make an impact.

3. Be committed - Stand behind your message and show up with all you’ve got, even if you’re speaking from your living room or home office. If you’re not fully aligned with your commitment, you won’t be present enough for your audience to really hear your message. Think about your commitment and affirm it to yourself out loud. Here are some examples: I’m committed to being present, making a difference, really showing up with my message, getting buy-in, etc...

4. Own the room – Look at the four corners of the room wherever you are and expand your imagination into 'owning' the space you are in AND the virtual space you’re tapping into. Stand up with a strong posture and tell yourself, “I own this room.” Be firm and make it your domain.

5. Get psyched - Rally your own excitement before you open your talk with this phrase: “I don’t know what I’m going to say but it’s going to be great!”

6. Speak with certainty – The one who is the most certain inevitably has the power to influence the other. State your ideas with certainty and you have a much better chance of getting buy-in from your audience.

7. Look into the camera - Have your camera at eye level and look into it when you are speaking. Imagine that you are looking into one pair of eyes. You will draw people in and they will feel your passion when you speak.

These tips breed confidence, which is ultimately the key to making a connection with your audience and becoming an even stronger public speaker.

The stronger speaker you become, the more present you will become and the more you will trust your voice... then the words you are meant to say will simply flow through you with the greatest of ease -:)

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