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Unleash Your Online Speaking Power: From Fear to Riveting Impact with Yes You Can Speak

Hey there Fearless Speakers,

Navigating the online speaking world can feel different, right? No live audience vibes, just you and the screen.

But fear not, because the secrets to a riveting online presence are the same ones I've shared for over a decade in Yes You Can Speak training.

Yes You Can Speak- Public Speaking Coaching by Lynn Kirkham

Let's dive into the basics that work across all platforms:

  1. Visualize: Picture success vividly. Feel the standing ovation in your mind. Your brain doesn't know real from imagined.

  2. Tap into your why: Ignite your passion. Let your excitement about your message become contagious to your audience.

  3. Be committed: Stand firmly behind your message. Affirm your commitment out loud to yourself.

  4. Own the room: Expand your imagination. Tell yourself, "I own this room" and make it your domain.

  5. Get psyched: Rally your excitement with, "I don't know what I'm going to say, but it's going to be great!"

  6. Speak with certainty: The most certain voice holds influence. State your ideas confidently for audience buy-in.

  7. Look into the camera: Connect with your audience by looking into the camera at eye level. Make them feel your passion.

Lynn Kirkham- Public Speaking Coach and founder of Yes You Can Speak

These tips cultivate confidence, the key to connecting with your audience and becoming a stronger public speaker. As your strength grows, so does your presence, and soon, your voice will flow effortlessly. Embrace the journey from fear to impactful speaking -:)

Speak boldly,

Lynn Kirkham- Founder of Yes You Can Speak- Public Speaking Coach


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