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Lessons from the TEDx Stage

The key to public speaking success is bringing Your Whole Self to the stage.

Whether that stage is a one-on-one job interview or as big as the TEDx platform - like the thought leaders Yes You Can Speak supported earlier this month at TEDxBerkeley - the internal shifts it takes to knock it out of the park are the same.

Here's the secret to mesmerizing your audience - when you bring your message through your heart, others are then able to feel your truth and receive it.

You feel great, your audience feels connected, and your communication naturally moves to a higher level of exchange. Yes!

It's not that you don't know how to public speak. In reality, everyone already knows how to speak. And unless you're a Yogi on a silent retreat, chances are you do it all day, every day.


The reason so many speakers waver in front of important people, or large groups is that somewhere inside is an unconscious belief that they are not enough, that they need to be smarter, better, brighter, different... and because of this, they are better off staying out of the spotlight.

If this feels like you, this entangled inner scenario creates something similar to a boulder that sits smack-dab in the path between your brilliant ideas and passionately delivering your message.

Even for speakers accomplished enough to take to the Moonshot 2020 TEDx stage earlier this month in Berkeley, when they relaxed into their authentic voice, they created so much more power and influence during their delivery.

YYCS lead trainer, Melinda Lee, worked with many of the speakers before their live presentation to the 1,600 person audience inside Zellerbach Hall. She found that merely by encouraging each presenter to pause, get present, tap into their "why," be in service to their audience, find their natural rhythm, and meet their fears with kindness - voila - anxieties melted away.

Melinda loved watching the obstacles dissolve, as each public speaker was able to slow down, connect with the audience and infuse their whole heart into their message.

She coached the TEDx speakers with CORE Repatterning too, the Yes You Can Speak secret sauce - a proprietary technique that effectively erases the common subconscious fears around public speaking that are so deeply ingrained because of emotional hurts from the past.

For most everyone, it's the painful events of the past that cause us to doubt ourselves publically. Every time you doubt yourself, you stop the flow of your words, you disconnect and feel unstable and wonky. You create doubt in the minds of those you are speaking to too.

Even with the most well-rehearsed script, the intended message can fall flat - as long as fear is running the show.

When fear is in charge, everyone loses - you as the speaker, the audience that wanted to hear what you had to say, and the message that was inside of you begging to be expressed.

Be Yourself, address your fears and bring your heart to the stage. It works every time!

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