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Living On Purpose Makes Magic

We all have favorite musicians. You know, the ones that move you from the depths of your soul and make your heart come alive.

What is it about these bands that can move you this way year after year? I gotta admit I was surprised to feel this way - rocked to my very core at a recent Fleetwood Mac concert - just like when I saw them at the Day on The Green in 1976. Really, 40 years later!

The legendary Stevie Nicks and the band touch others this way because they are on fire with the truth that lives inside them. They are living their truth, voicing their truth, and doing it in a way that is aligned with their truest purpose on earth.

This is indeed the ticket to a successful life. Each and every one of us has a message, a unique way to express the truth that lives inside of us, that if we are willing to follow, will carry us to great places.

I'm sure the Fleetwood Mac band members never imagined when they began practicing music in the 60s that people from all over the world would jump through great hoops to see them perform in 2019.

Certainly, they had no inkling of the legacy they would leave - all those tiresome times with multiple cups of coffee, hovering over song lyrics that were scratched out, written over, switched up and not quite right. Surely they felt frustrated, uninspired and blocked at times too.

But they kept showing up, kept following their highest calling, kept trusting their crazy process, did what they could to enter into a flow state where their genius would come through. And the WORLD responded. We each have a calling, that one voice inside that is meant to be shared. So many of us shut it down for fear of what others might say or because following it may not be practical or readily equate to bringing in more income.

What I know is that when we shut down that spark, we shut out our highest calling too.

There is something undeniably captivating when somebody is living their truth.

Fleetwood Mac has continued to produce deeply real and soul-stirring lyrics that are universal - love found, love lost, loneliness, freedom, and fun. Even though these topics have been written about and sung in a million different forms, this band brings a one-of-a-kind way of expressing themselves that continues to move hearts around the world.

And you have a one-of-a-kind way too, to deliver your gifts.

You were put on this planet for a reason and a purpose. No one can express what intrinsically makes you come alive as you can, and choosing not to express it is a loss for the world. Not only that, but you won't leave the legacy you are meant to leave which will make you feel like you didn't live the life you were meant to live. :-(

Follow your inner voice and the sparks of insights when you have them. Jot them down or speak them into your phone, share them in music, poetry, books, on stages, or with your neighbor down the street.

Your voice matters more than you know.

Trust it.

Share it.

So you can leave your legacy too.

#yesyoucanspeak #innervoice #yourvoicematters #livingyourtruth #onpurpose

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