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It's Not Really About You Anyway

The feeling of having a spotlight shining directly on you can be daunting - sweaty palms, a shaky voice, a rapid heartbeat, standing nervously before a sea of expectant, staring faces.

You may just feel like skipping the whole thing, deciding instead that you are simply not meant to be a speaker.

The reassuring truth is that it’s not really about YOU anyway. Isn’t that a relief?

If you shift your attention away from the intensity of how it feels for you to be in the spotlight, and focus instead on the excitement of your share and the curious people in front of you, you’re well on your way to mastering the art of public speaking.

Bring your attention to your audience, step into the childlike wonder of what you have to share and think of it as a public service.

People gather as audiences because they:

  • are genuinely excited to learn something new

  • wish to see things from a different angle

  • want to feel inspired

  • seek motivation to change for the better.

In other words, they really want to know what YOU have to say!

The more you make the entire experience about your audience - from writing your message, getting on stage, to delivery - the less you will experience the anxiety of having "all eyes on you."

This simple change in perspective can shift your neurology from the primitive lizard brain that regulates safety and survival to the heartfelt higher brain function of the frontal cortex.

Instead of worrying about your nerves, find a smiling face in your audience with whom to offer connection.

Instead of wondering how you look and sound, reflect instead on how you can give the gift of both your presence and the excitement you have about your message.

The more you practice this with heartfelt intention, the more you will find that your presence expands and you will experience the rush of becoming a conduit for something greater to flow through you.

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