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Invest in Your CORE

Tapping into the mindset of hundreds of people desperately wanting to become better speakers has led me to a surprising conclusion.

The fear most experience when public speaking is not actually some universal fear of being on stage.

Believe it or not, and as crazy as it seems, this fear often stems from childhood memories like a parent calling you out for spilling a glass of milk or yelling at you for not getting the top score on your report card when you were in elementary school. These situations can also be major abuse or traumas.

You see, our first authority figures are our parents or caretakers and these long buried memories get triggered when we are with someone we perceive as better than us.

If you can recall past events that still make you feel angry, ashamed, or upset in any way, this is a clue that they have left harmful imprints that are still impacting your ability to stand firm in your authentic self.

It means that these memories - conscious or unconscious - are still running you and determining how you interact in the world.

It's rare that a person gets through this life unscathed. Unfortunately, I've not met one yet. 

I’ve been helping myself and others for nearly 30 years (yikes, I can’t believe it’s been that long!) to let go of what’s been stopping us. All of the other techniques I’ve experienced seemed to just peel the layers of the onion but never actually released the entire pain of the past. When you don’t release the entire onion, so to speak, the nervous system continues to become triggered by fear, anger, sadness or uncertainty.

After many years of working with people who wanted to change the way they show up in the world, I finally developed my own methodology, and it’s by far the fastest way I’ve ever seen to release the painful moments of the past.

It’s called  the CORE Repatterning Technique where you will:

Clarify Root Causes, Overcome Limiting Patterns, Reprogram Your Beliefs and Elevate Your Potential

I’ve seen it so many times where old patterns stand in the way of public speaking, job promotions, creating new businesses, career changes, and relationship breakthroughs. With the help of CORE Repatterning, I’ve seen my clients push through seemingly insurmountable barriers from the past, fast! All it required was a willingness to look inside and discover what had been quietly holding them back. Only after releasing these subconscious hurts could they access an aligned new sense of self and find the courage to step into who they are meant to be.

The charges of such emotional memories sets up a pattern in your nervous system that tells you subconsciously that it's not safe to be in the spotlight for fear of making a mistake or being judged. When this happens your guard goes up, you feel nervous, you can’t think straight and often just want to leave the situation.

Over time, these moments in the spotlight multiply and create a lot of second-guessing and self-doubt. To be safe, you'll often choose not to speak up, and if you do, your body sensations and racing thoughts may be completely overwhelming.

“I can’t believe that after just one CORE Repatterning session, I presented to a group of eight people without the slightest bit of nervousness. This has never happened before and needless to say, I’m delighted.”

I've witnessed hundreds of people eliminate these hurtful imprints in almost no time at all, and their fear of public speaking vanished, too!

You can learn more about the CORE Repatterning technique and the permanent changes clients experience at

It really is possible to overcome those buried traumas, and become the person you’ve always imagined!

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