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I'm Afraid to Speak My Truth

It can be a downward spiral of feeling bad about yourself.

A rush of fear engulfs your senses when you're about to speak what's on your mind, so you decide to just put a lid on it... Then you feel disappointed in yourself, again.

Even worse, you say it anyway, and it comes out all wrong... Then you beat yourself up for blowing it.

In times like this, you wonder if you'll ever be able to break these old patterns. It feels like a no-win situation.

The good news is that this feeling of freaking out can change - when you feel nervous it's simply because your nervous system has created a response intended to keep you safe. Now, with CORE Repatterning it's possible for you to shift all that.

This recorded CORE Repatterning clearing session will help you to crack the code on the old patterns that just don't make sense anymore.

With CORE, my powerful targeted identification and release technique, you'll begin unraveling the patterns in your nervous system that have been driving the self-silencing and self-sabotaging cycle.

Fear of public speaking is said to be the number one fear. For some, it's a racing mind. For others, it's heart palpitations, dizziness, and words all a jumble or going completely blank... In a nutshell, it's fear running amok through the body's nervous system, typically linked unconsciously to painful episodes from the past.

Through CORE Repatterning sessions, you get to identify those issues and reprogram the body so you can feel confident and clear when it's your turn to speak. Learn more about CORE Repatterning and how you can get over the fear of public speaking - once and for all.

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