Pricked by Thorns from the Cutting Edge

Let's get raw and vulnerable here.

I lay awake for hours after I got the news - wondering if I'd done something wrong at the corporate keynote talk I delivered in Los Angeles.

Then I got it: Sharing from the cutting edge always stirs up criticism.

Yes, criticism hurts. But does it mean that you should swallow your message?

My heart sank when I heard feedback that a couple of people thought my talk was considered overly dramatic and unfitting for corporate culture. What? Oh noooooo....

It was confusing because, at the venue, I witnessed so many women moved to tears and saying that they loved it. Several even asked if I would fly across the country to their offices to give the same talk or a special workshop.

I allowed the emotions to stream through (very intense for me because I've always been a huge people pleaser. -:)

I definitely had to practice what I teach - centering, grounding, meditating, going back into my heart, then reflecting on my original intention for the talk and what I've learned about human nature after working with thousands of people.

The corporate talk I gave was dramatic. I pulled petals off of a rose to help tell the story. My story of not feeling good enough, pretty enough, or smart enough…and then snippets of other women’s stories who had huge reasons, because of their past, to feel all the things I did and more.