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I Feel Invisible and It's So Frustrating

For some people, it's like they are wearing Harry Potter's invisibility cloak... no matter what they say or do, they don't feel seen, heard, or recognized.

The catch is that unlike the kid wizard, most folks who feel this way have no idea how to remove the cloak or even how it came to be there in the first place.

With invisibility comes feelings of powerlessness, self-doubt, loathing, and a whole lot of frustration. Can you relate?

If you feel invisible, it's not your fault. It's likely there are early childhood events that set up an unconscious loop in your nervous system that was designed to keep you hidden and out of harm's way. So despite your best efforts, you may continue to find yourself feeling invisible over and over again. So frustrating!

In this CORE Repatterning video session, I will guide you to look beneath the cape, discover what it's made of, and release its gripping hold.

We will move you through a breakthrough meditation and release session with the CORE Repatterning Technique. The novel CORE approach emerged from my commitment to finding a permanent solution for the countless professionals who came to me desperately wanting to break down the walls of their public speaking fears.

Tune in here as we specifically target and release the root causes of feeling invisible, a theme not uncommon for those seeking to make an impact as public speakers. You are invited to clear your own issues of invisibility by plugging into this session I recorded recently with a group on Zoom.

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