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Yoga to Boost Public Speaking

In this interview, Empowering the Voice of the Heart, I share about my own heroine's journey from teeth chattering to crossing the bridge and owning the power and relevance of my unique voice.

My humbling story is revealed in this global interview with Yogi Rebecca Snowball, along with my tips on Yoga's Mountain Pose and Alternate Nostril Breathing as great tools to prepare for speaking gigs, interviews, and presentations.

May my transformational journey inspire you to step into gratitude for your own voice and amazing presence. :)

When I was first asked to speak in front of a crowd of 400 people at a church in Marin County more than 10 years ago, the absolute last thing I felt was gratitude for the opportunity. I was completely terrified and would have most definitely held firmly to my "Thanks but NO thank you" if Rev. Bill hadn't been so convincing and clear that I was meant to share my story.

If you are doubting yourself, please take a few minutes to watch this video and know that you are no different than I am.

Trust me if I could do it, so can you!

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