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How Are You Being 'Seeen' On Zoom?

It's Zoom time. You're dialing into an important video conferencing call. Again.

More than likely you're at home, juggling family and other household matters in between meetings. It's just how we roll these days. I'm curious what happens when you land back in your seat to Zoom it up?

  • 'How' are you showing up?

  • Are you making the impact that matches how you feel on the inside?

  • What do others 'see' when they watch you from their screens?

Let's face it, using video technology is unnatural, and it takes some effort to be authentically seen and heard - without the benefit of your human presence, a handshake and a smile. Friends, Zoom is our new conference stage, so this stuff is uber important.

Hands down, the people who captivate my attention online show up]with eyes on the camera... a full front-facing view... taking up most of the screen. If there's too much empty space above the speaker's head, their presence is typically weak and I find myself distracted and easily lose interest. You have a limited amount of space with which to show up, so use every inch.

And if you tend to keep your camera turned off, you could easily get passed over and left behind.

I get it, what I'm recommending may seem counter-intuitive and goes against the natural flow of how we are in person, but we must remember the disconnect that happens through cyberspace.

Check out the images of common Zoom mistakes below, and by all means, take heed. It will surely make all the difference in how your next pitch lands.

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