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About Turning On Your Video...

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

You may find this question a bit confronting.

But here's the thing: this type of self-inquiry is a huge key to your success.

When you join the new normal of business meetings on Zoom and Google Meet, is your camera on or off?

I get it, you may just be more comfortable with the camera off. Being seen can feel super vulnerable, and getting camera-ready takes some effort.

The problem is that when nobody can see you, you aren't 'being seen.'

When nobody sees you, it's hard to establish a person-to-person connection. And your contributions lose impact without the visual context.

Let’s face it, those who are seen and speak well are the ones who get the promotions.

If you are feel passed-over, it's not because you're not smart or awesome enough, but more likely because you're not putting yourself out there in a powerful way.

Those in the limelight are the ones who get the super cool opportunities, because they are top of mind.

The easy-peasy step of turning on your camera can seriously make a world of difference. Take it from one of my students. Elsa said she never used to show her face and neither did her colleagues - until one day courageously turned on her camera. Then others followed suit, and everyone said how much more connected, creative, and happier they felt.

When you do turn on your video camera, be sure that you are taking up most of the screen and that your lighting is good. Another student Emily shared a recent win with a ring light positioned behind her monitor. Voila, she said the light made her glow and feel more comfortable being seen. When I saw her, I thought it made her look twice as beautiful too!

Competition in the corporate or entrepreneurial world is fierce and it’s important to show up as your very best self every single time you communicate.

Cheers to your renewed presence and speaking success!

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