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Fun At Work - for Connection, Creativity and Kindness

Fun at Work Day is just around the corner.

As I see it, this novel American holiday is not just about nonsense. It could prove to be way more than just fun and games orchestrated by upper management.

Make it your chance to make connections from a heartfelt place, show your playful side, express some creativity and be the joy that comes with offering random acts of kindness.

Consider it play on a mission -:) Playfulness can breed both connection, creativity and you will be seen for your leadership too.

When you let down your guard and show your humanity, you open the door to forging real relationships that breed teamwork, caring and support.

So go for it! Don't just leave it up to the ones at the top. What could you do to add levity to the workday and bust through the barriers with your team on Tuesday, January 28th?

Here are a few ideas:

1. Employ three random acts of kindness with three different people at work - bring them their favorite coffee, flowers, or leave secret notes that acknowledge something awesome about them.

2. Take someone out to lunch, or organize a group gathering with some fun stuff like - balloons, silly-string, whipped cream, or badges to honor the lighter side of your colleagues.

3. Organize a flash mob or some character role-playing.

4. Bring a basket of silly hats to share with the gang, as someone did in the photo above. (image courtesy of a campaign by Axiom Tech).

Whatever you do, be brave, be bold, make connections and let yourself be seen in ways you've never done in the workplace before. When you challenge yourself to be seen and make a difference you build your confidence, and that is fun!

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