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Updated: Nov 10, 2022

My Journey to Self-Worth and Founding My Own Company!

Melinda Lee, Founder of Speak in Flow

For so long, I heard my intuition but didn’t trust it. I held myself back. I’d watched my parents and grandmother and thought that was who I was supposed to be. Our Asian culture, and my family, didn’t encourage me to speak up. I was taught to politely sit back and listen.

Yet I felt in my gut that I had opinions worthy of being shared.

I remember in my alone time I dreamed about leading people just like me to say what is meaningful to them. But had no idea how; my lifelong conditioning only taught me to be agreeable and do what other people say.

My mom, a submissive woman, was focused on survival. She was raising kids and working hard to earn money for the family. She believed there was no option for her to listen to the inner voice that kept telling her to slow down and take time for herself. My mother never gave herself permission to heed the call of her intuition, which ultimately led her to get sick and die.

And way too young. It was super sad watching her decline, and I did not want that to be me.

My intuition had been telling me that I had a bigger purpose than the behind-the-scenes computer work I was doing. My heart's voice told me: “Something’s not right, this isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing with my life.”

Eventually, I broke free and started my own business — an exciting step in the right direction. I was even doing a lot of public speaking. Yet still, I felt blocked. No matter how many bold steps I took, it seemed, that my inner critic was always on fire. I was committed to getting past this battle inside because it was crippling me. So I continued my journey of self-inquiry and came to understand that my deeply ingrained cultural conditioning had been sabotaging me. That's when I dove into CORE Repatterning™, a powerful coaching technique I learned from Lynn Kirkham.CORE took me on a deep journey of healing my past, and I was finally able to unplug from the social conditioning and come to embrace my own self-worth. What a relief!

Am I still scared sometimes? Do I still occasionally have doubts, and feel pressure to be perfect? Of course!

And yet I believe I can speak up too. I know how to speak up. I do speak up. I know how to come from my core. I know how to introduce myself in a heartfelt way when meeting new people. No matter where I am, I lead from my heart.

There is nothing I love more than helping people find their voice. So now I run my own company called Speak In Flow, coaching corporate leaders to become masterful communicators.

By the way… I still am on the staff of the leader who helped me to break through. I am forever grateful for Lynn Kirkham and Yes You Can Speak.

With that strong intuition and desire in place, Lynn’s coaching added the missing piece by showing me how to understand who I am, and how to get beyond my conditioning and trust what I want to say.

Now I’m following my heart instead of being constantly in my head, and it allows me to embody a confident, connected presence when I speak. I connect back to my intuition and act upon it.

The key was to acknowledge the desire in my heart to do more in life and then clear the blocks that seemed to sabotage my voice. My heartfelt wish for you is that you trust your desire, clear the blocks, and find your true voice.

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