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Leadership Magic: How Empathy Transforms Fear into Brilliance

Updated: 12 hours ago

I understand the anxiety that comes with the fear of public speaking – it's like facing a giant wave of nerves that threatens to knock you off your feet.

But I’d love to share a story about someone who profoundly impacted my life and changed how I view fear and leadership, for good.

Back in my twenties, when I was navigating the world of sales,  I was fortunate to have a boss named Paul Carney. He wasn't just a boss; he was a genuine leader who had this incredible ability to inspire me to rise above my limitations. Paul wasn't all about the numbers; he cared about me as a person. He saw my potential, supported my goals, and made me feel like a treasured part of the team. It was like having a mentor who truly cared.

Have you ever experienced being around someone who makes you feel like the most important person in the room?

Authentic Self

That was Paul – a leader with a gift for making you feel seen, valued, and understood.

Our world can often feel cold and indifferent, so that kind of leadership is like a warm embrace.

The beautiful news is this -  you have the power to be that kind of leader too. We've all encountered the opposite – bosses who hover, micromanage, and lack empathy. They're all about the bottom line, often at the expense of their team's well-being.

But true leaders operate on a different wavelength. They prioritize their team, embodying Lao Tzu's wisdom – leading so subtly that the team believes they did it themselves. Great leaders mentor, support, and rally their troops. They take the time to connect individually, standing behind the dreams of their people.

Real magic happens when leaders shine a spotlight on the gifts of their team – positive acknowledgment, support, and praise that can lift everyone's spirits. It's this kind of leadership that turns good teams into great ones, inspiring everyone to bring their best to the table.

Happiness matters in business, dear one. Take a genuine interest in your people, and you'll witness them shining like never before. The best part? The joy that comes from being a true contribution to others. When you light up someone else's path, you'll find your light shining even brighter.

Here's to embracing empathy, understanding, and leadership that lights up the room!

Lynn Kirkham- Yes You Can Speak- Public Speaking Coach

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