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Can Qigong Make You a Better Speaker?

Qigong is one of the ways I keep myself centered.

These days most of us are dealing with extreme amounts of stress which could be preventing you from showing up and speaking effectively.

Dial into this routine - designed to optimize brain function, reduce stress, and increase blood flow to the frontal lobe - and feel the difference.

Seriously, these Qigong exercises are the bomb, pleasurable while balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Did you know that the stress hormone Cortisol can literally kill off brain cells, and chronic stress can create memory loss?

When we are really nervous we often go blank, and now you know why.

When you balance your stress you are then able to consciously step into your purpose during your next meeting or big talk.

I always feel calm, centered, and clear-headed after one of these sessions - ready to face whatever is in my path for the day ahead.

This free online sequence (video below) is a meditation in motion that serves as cross-training for the brain. So you get the benefits of both meditation and movement, and you'll be ready to seize the day on your next Zoom call.

I can't think of a more relaxing way to get you feeling supercharged.

Carpe Diem -:)

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