Calming Anxiety in the Face of COVID-19

Calm your nervous system as you tune into this meditation and releasing session with CORE Repatterning. Fear and anxiety are actually contagious and serve to make things worse for everyone. When you shift your inner reality, you feel better and you hold space for others to find center too.

Staying centered is the kind of presence our world needs right now to get to the other side of the pandemic. It's the very same principle I use with my public speaking students, who come to me when they are facing the fear of being seen on stage.

When they get clear with the CORE method, they shift the emotional triggers of the past and stand confident and strong in their ability to communicate with anyone and everyone. The same thing applies to all types of stressors in the body's nervous system that are linked to unresolved and unconscious emotions.

This video was recorded from the second of an ongoing live series of Sunday clearings with Lynn Kirkham. You can learn more and register here.

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