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A Cupid Gone Wild Valentines Challenge

If you've been following me for a while, you might remember that each year I invite everyone to spread the love and have some fun with my Valentine's Day challenge.

Well, it's that time again - for - Cupid Gone Wild!

Let's lift some hearts and make it VIRAL -:)

Cupid Gone Wild is about spreading Valentine's Day love, not just with your romantic partners and children but with neighbors, friends and co-workers, even total strangers.

I still remember years ago when I locked eyes with a complete stranger on the street in Oakland, paused a moment and then told her all the beautiful things I saw in her through her eyes, the window of her soul. She never forgot that. Years later, she reached out to let me know how that moment had changed everything for her.  

It may sound silly, but this is really some powerful heart medicine (fun too), the kind that gives others permission to step into their pure potential and deliver their gifts to make a real difference in the world. 

Cupid Gone Wild is kind of like an adult version of Valentine's Day card sharing you may have done as a child in school, only our mission is to target each of Cupid's arrows (paper hearts) with the intention to deeply penetrate and acknowledge the inherent gifts of people we encounter.

As all of my students experience first hand, heartfelt recognition and acknowledgment reminds others who they truly are at the core, and boosts their courage to step up and make a difference. Studies show that leaders who practice acknowledgment with their people are routinely more effective and are well respected by their teams.

For details on the Cupid Gone Wild campaign, click on the photo above to access my video to walk you through the process. In essence, though, it's simple. Cut out paper hearts, write nice things on them, look your person in the eyes and speak the words with sincerity if you can and hand it to them.

Spread them far and wide. It feels so amazing to make someone's day like this that you might even forget to work because there's no greater feeling than spreading the love...and you'll for sure uplift your entire office which will make everyone feel more connected, valuable and happy - and that's a good thing. 

We want to see what you do so post them online with the hashtag #cupidgonewild.

Go ahead, make someone's day! You never know how far-reaching your kind words can travel. And whoa... how many lives can we impact if we ALL do this together?!

#cupidgonewild #valentinesday #paperhearts #yesyoucanspeak #makeadifference #spreadthelove

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