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5 Keys to Great Leadership

Part III - The 2022 Leadership Series

Influential leadership begins with you.

When you choose to speak publicly, you are saying yes to being a leader.

It is a stand for self-leadership.

In a word - leadership is simply the power to influence.

So, what does it take to embody the archetype of a great leader and influencer?

It begins with a conscious choice to make a difference, to be of service to something much larger than yourself.

Practice these 5 key leadership commitments, and I promise your message will land.

1. Commit to showing up, no matter what.

2. Commit to connecting with your audience.

3. Commit to being of service to them.

4. Commit to having your words flow from your heart.

5. Commit to your message so much that it overrules the fear of what someone might think of you.

Mindset is key.

The go-to for most people is to focus on how their audience might judge them for what they have to say - inevitably leading to a cascade of doubts, fears and unsavory brain chemistry that can take a speaker down in a flash, lickety-split.

It requires commitment not to fall into this trap.

The key to avoiding this fateful cascade comes back to the 5 commitments plus your ‘why.’ Establish ‘why’ you are speaking before you begin, feel it in your heart first. Then speak from your heart so your words will land.

Why + Heart + 5 Commitments = Influential Leadership

Influential leadership shifts how you show up in group meetings, 1-1 interviews, or on a conference stage. It's all the same.

Find your center with this way of being, and you've got it - wherever it is that you may go - tapped into your purpose and presence -:)

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