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Meet the Team

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Lynn Kirkham

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I’ve been where you are. 

Trembling at the thought of telling my story. 

Horrified to stand in front of a crowd expecting inspiring words. 

Afraid to embrace my own voice and share my message with the world. 


But all of that changed on a trip to India - where, taking care of 36 “voiceless” orphans, I committed to helping as many people as possible find their voice and speak with confidence for the rest of my life. 


From shy wallflower to woman on a mission -  I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to unleash thousands of brilliant voices, empowering them to command whatever stage they’ve been given. 


Whether it’s an interview for your next job, the boardroom at work, or a stage in front of thousands - I am here to help professionals like you, overcome the fear that holds them back from fully stepping into their executive power. 


Whether I’m working with clients on perfecting a powerful TEDx talk or helping someone interview like a pro, my secret sauce is always uncovering the hidden strengths within my clients.


I have been given the unique ability to see people in ways they’ve never been seen before, call out their gifts, and speak new life into their passions, so they can overcome the fear and doubt that makes speaking publicly terrifying. 


My credentials - because those things matter…


  • Prior to launching my company, I spent 20 years as a top-producing commercial printing executive/manager. 

  • I am the speaking coach for TEDx Berkeley and have helped many TEDx speakers craft the perfect talk, then execute with precision, confidence, and connection.

  • I’ve helped countless women create authentic signature talks that sell.

  • I’ve been brought in to work with lots of teams such as Google, Facebook/Meta, Intuit, IBM, Veritas Technologies, VMWare, Applied Materials, CircleCI, 2K Games Liftoff and MobileIron.

  • I’ve helped over 2,000 high-tech CEO’s, solopreneurs, small business owners, executives, and marginalized women to get over their fear of public speaking, and communicate with passion, influence, and power.

  • I co-founded The Inspired Heart Foundation – a non-profit organization helping low income, at-risk, Bay Area women find their authentic voice.

  • I spent 7 years traveling the world: serving, learning, and creating change.

  • In 2017 I was inducted into the Happiness Hall of Fame

  • I studied at the Strozzi Institute for Embodied Leadership

Book with our
Magical Coaches

Do you ever feel like you don't have the right words to express yourself in a meaningful way? Or find yourself avoiding situations because talking to someone is just too much?

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Our team is here to help you find the confidence and courage to stand in your truth. Whether it's an important event or a casual conversation over dinner, we can help you prepare and equip yourself with the right words and tools to ensure your message is heard loud and clear. With our support, you can confidently speak your truth and make sure that your voice is heard.

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Yes You Can Speak is like no other training.

I have been through many professional development training throughout my career, and Lynn blew this one out of the water! This program is transformational, and I can't thank Lynn enough for changing my life and career forevermore! I had never been able to speak publicly before, a real professional deficit. You can't help but leave sessions a better human. Lynn teaches you to speak from your heart. The love and care Lynn shows her students goes above and beyond expectations. She makes it fun, informative, and very engaging. The bonding of our group made the overall experience highly inspiring too! I was afraid to say yes, but my friend twisted my arm, and I’m so glad I did.

- Lora Olinger, Field Assistant at

Washington Education Assoc.

Alexa Young, CA

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Morgan James, NY

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Lead Trainer and CORE Repatterning Coach

Melinda Lee M.A

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Melinda approaches her professional mission with an infectious sparkle in her eye, having guided more than 50 different corporate teams toward masterful communication. She is an inspiring speaker, speaking coach, CORE Repatterning practitioner and a story-telling expert.


She joined the team after being drawn to the unique Yes You Can Speak approach to speaker training, then found herself so wowed by how CORE helped her with her own speaker presence she decided to seek certification as a CORE practitioner.


With captivating exuberance, Melinda brings heart and expertise to the Yes You Can Speak team as a corporate communications facilitator for over a decade. She is passionate about helping the corporate community tell engaging stories and helping teams develop techniques in strategic messaging.

Bringing CORE coaching to her menu of offerings - her latest proud accomplishment – brings her offerings to a new master level.

​Being a CORE practitioner is a responsibility I honor and do not take lightly. It has completely changed me from the inside out.

Melinda holds an M.A. in Organizational Psychology, is a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance, and an Insights Practitioner. 


Clients have affectionately called "the people whisperer." 

Sarah Cruse

Speaker Trainer and CORE Repatterning Coach

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Sarah has a gift for listening and a natural curiosity about what moves people to be the way they are. This led her to studying psychology and the vibrational patterns of trauma and healing, which has been her focus for over 12 years now, along with her joyful expression as a singer/songwriter.  Much of Sarah's healing has been through learning to express herself with her voice. 


Sarah is a certified practitioner of the CORE Repatterning Technique and is a lead speaking trainer with Yes You Can Speak. She approaches her work as a CORE practitioner, gently guiding others simply and playfully toward truth, healing, and attunement. Her journey into the healing arts began at a young age when she found that she could perceive the energy patterns in others and became fascinated with learning the art of sound healing.


Sarah believes that every person is their best healer and that miracles happen when we collaborate in healing. 


Core Repatterning is a simple and profound gift.  It will change you and your world in ways you cannot imagine.  It fills me with joy to think of the freedom that is possible...

When she’s not working with CORE clients or on the Yes You Can Speak teaching platform, she loves to teach mindfulness and believes so much in the profound power of the voice that she founded and is the lead singer of a very fun band called Ya Ya’s Kitchen!

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Gianina Casareno, MS

CORE Repatterning Coach 

Gianani has been fascinated by human relationships since she was just a little girl and found herself determined to make a difference in how people relate to themselves and one another.


Her passionate purpose led her on a path of becoming a mental health practitioner and, ultimately, a CORE Repatterning coach.  


Gianina was so enthusiastic about her experience in the Yes You Can Speak Inspired Speaker program that she moved on to become a Certified CORE Repatterning practitioner. Her strong foundation is supported by a Bachelor’s degree in health science and a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.


With over 20 years of client care experience, Gianina is dedicated to helping individuals find confidence in their voices and step into their best selves. Her warm-hearted energy puts her clients at ease so they can better relate to themselves and discover real transformation. Clients say her sincere, encouraging presence and insightful perspective are so infectious they can’t help but leave empowered. 


Her big dream? To launch a YYCS branch in 2022.


Aliki Helman, CPC, SPHR

Lead Trainer


Aliki is an accomplished, industry-certified executive coach and consultant with 20+ years of management, consulting, human resources, staffing, and employee engagement experience. She’s worked with everything from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Aliki holds an M.S. in both Education and Chemistry from Pedagogical University in St. Petersburg, Russia.


She is a graduate of the Yes You Can Speak program and has helped many speakers ascend to new heights. Her passion is growing companies that positively change people’s lives. Aliki’s clients include Mindosphere, Abaxis, Micrus Endovascular, Avantis Medical, and NeoGuide Systems, as well as early-stage start-ups such as Optimizing Mind and Data Weekends. Her social impact clients include Singularity University and Kiva.


Aliki has presented at events and conferences, including a recent workshop on “Exponential Human Technologies” at Singularity University Global Summit.


Aliki uses a wide range of coaching methodologies, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), neuroscience, and Core Energy Coaching. Aliki draws on her vast range of experience and training to help Yes You Can Speak clients speak in an impactful way without fear, overwhelm, or paralyzing stress.

Klaudeen Shemirani, M.A.

Lead Trainer

Klaudeen found her authentic speaker’s voice as a graduate of Yes You Can Speak’s 2015 training program.

After experiencing the life transformation so many clients experience through this training, she joined the Yes You Can Speak team. Today she works as a lead trainer and communications coach for our clients.


Klaudeen brings her expertise in trauma release, along with her heartwarming mama bear presence, to every workshop and coaching session. She helps students easily step into their true voice with ease. 


In addition to her work with Yes You Can Speak, Klaudeen facilitates conversations that teach individuals and couples how to feel, speak, heal, connect, and transform in extraordinary and meaningful ways. She is a modern-day healer, communication coach, and mistress of ceremonies and rituals.


She founded her own business, SoulBody Rituals. Klaudeen has a Master’s degree in Women’s Spirituality from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Peace & Conflict Studies from UC Berkeley.


She’s trained in trauma bodywork from the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute and studied at the Strozzi Institute for Embodied Leadership. As a certified massage practitioner and Reiki II practitioner, Klaudeen is able to help clients connect their thoughts and feelings to their bodies, for maximum confidence when it comes to public speaking. 


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Learn about the Inspired Speaker Program and determine whether our breakthrough program is right for you. If it is, we'll create a plan for you to quickly feel confident and strong in the spotlight. Anyone curious about our program is welcome to schedule a session. Most students have a Speaker Breakthrough Call before registering. It’s free and it’s not a sales pitch. :-)


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To register for our upcoming programs, visit the registration page on our website and fill out the form. Keep an eye out for new launch dates, as we offer a variety of programs to help you expand your knowledge and skills. If you have any questions, our team is happy to assist you.


Discuss a Custom Corporate Engagement with Lynn Kirkham

  • Talk about your goals for an interactive online or in-person training session or series tailored to your team based on the Inspired Speaker Program.

  • Or invite Lynn to keynote at your event with a dynamic experience that gives your audience newfound confidence and actionable skills to speak and lead with impact.

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